Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa on account of COVID-19 announced an economic package of ₹1,610-crore on Wednesday. This is to give relief and help affected people in various sectors including flower farmers, weavers, auto and taxi drivers, and industries who are in suffering due to the lockdown

Karnataka government also addressed an 11 per cent excise duty hike, which is in addition to the six per cent announced in the budget. “For more than one and a half months, workers in the unorganised sector in the state are facing tough times due to the lockdown. To address financial difficulties faced by them, a package of Rs. 1610 crore will be released for them as Covid-19 financial package,” addressed in a press conference.

The migrant workers from other states were appealed by the Chief Minister to not leave, “We have sent around 1 lakh people in 3500 buses and trains, back to their hometowns. I have also appealed to the migrant workers to stay as the construction work has resumed now,” he said.

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Nekarara Sammana Yojan under which Rs.2,000 will be directly deposited in the bank account of handloom weavers through Direct Benefit Transfer as per the scheme PM Kisan Samman Yojana, declared by the Chief Minister

The way government have handled the whole crisis amid COVID-19 in respect to workers in unorganised sectors in the state for more than one and a half months, who were fighting for life in this tough times due to lockdown, it’s  an example to be set by them to the rest of the states to address financial difficulties faced by farmers who have grown vegetables and fruits that were not able to market their produce. It’s high time for other states to take a note on the life of people from this side as well.