Friday, September 30, 2022

Delhi eye doctor enters Limca record books for conducting maximum laser specs removal surgeries LASIK

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New Delhi – A city doctor has entered the Indian book of records for conducting maximum LASIK laser specs removal surgeries in India

Dr. Rahil Chaudhary, consultant and director, Eye7 group of eye hospitals has performed the maximum number of laser specs removal procedures in India. Dr. Rahil, said “I had no plans to make a record, end of the day, it is sheer quality of work which gets patients attracted from all over the country.”

Dr Rahil Chaudhary is also the first to introduce a new technology for laser specs removal in India by the name of Contoura Vision, which, he stated, is also one of the reasons patients are coming from all across the nation to take advantage of new technology which presently is housed only at select eye institutions in India. “Contoura Vision is the latest introduction in specs removal technology, delivering much superior results compared to older procedures like LASIK and SMILE” he added.

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