Heinous Murder in Mumbai: Live-in partner arrested for the brutal killing and disposing of woman’s body

9 June, 2023 | Disha Singh

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The accused Live-in partner has been arrested in the Mira Road murder case. The accused has been arrested for brutal killing and disposing of woman's body.

In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the city of Mumbai, a 36-year-old woman from Mira Road was allegedly murdered by her live-in partner, who gruesomely chopped her body into multiple pieces. The accused, identified as 56-year-old Manoj Sahani, was apprehended by the police while attempting to flee from his apartment.

The horrifying discovery came to light when neighbours reported a foul smell emanating from Sahani’s residence and grew suspicious of his activities. Concerned for their safety, they promptly alerted the authorities, leading to a police intervention. Upon arrival at the scene, the police were met with a grisly sight: the victim’s dismembered body was found packed in plastic bags, utensils, and buckets within the apartment.

As per police reports, the victim, Saraswati Vaidya, had been in a live-in relationship with Sahani. Sahani confessed to the crime, admitting that he had disposed of some body parts over the course of the past two or three days. Disturbingly, residents informed law enforcement officials that Sahani had been observed feeding stray dogs in the area during this time, a behaviour he had never displayed before.

Experts from various fields have expressed their shock and horror at the heinous act. Dr Pankaj Kumar, speaking to NewsX, described the perpetrator as a “monstrous mind” and a psychopath who meticulously planned and executed the cold-blooded murder. The chilling nature of the crime has drawn comparisons to the infamous “Shraddha murder case.”

Yogita Bayana, a women’s rights activist, raised concerns about the mentality of such individuals and their inability to handle rejection. “What kind of men are we raising?” She questioned the upbringing of men who resort to such extreme violence, emphasizing the need for a cultural shift.

Manoj Sahani, who was not married, had been living separately from his family despite having a house in Mumbai’s Borivali area. He worked at a grocery store in Borivali, where the victim would frequently visit. Their friendship developed in 2014, eventually leading to them living together since 2016. The couple had moved to the Mira Road flat three years ago.

The incident has ignited a debate surrounding the impact of media and the internet on the youth. LN Rao, DCP of the Special Cell, expressed concerns over the youth confusing real life with the content they consume, including documentaries and OTT platforms. “He legally cannot be termed a psychopath,” said LN RAO. Rao believes that the internet is misguiding India’s youth and contributing to such horrific acts.

This disturbing murder case serves as a stark reminder of the grave consequences that arise from unchecked violence and the need for societal introspection. As investigations continue, the city mourns the loss of Saraswati Vaidya and grapples with the haunting question of what drives individuals to commit such depraved acts.