Her story is American story: Biden praises running mate Kamala Harris

21 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Joe Biden praised Kamala Harris describing her as a "powerful voice in this nation." He was quoted saying "Her story is the American story. She has overcome every obstacle she has ever faced," dur...

Joe Biden, who official accepted Presidential nomination of Democratic Party on Thursday, praised Kamala Harris describing her as a “powerful voice in this nation.” “It will be the work of the next president to restore the promise of America to everyone. And I am not going to have to do it alone. I will have a great vice president at my side,” Biden was quoted as saying by CNN during his nomination acceptance speech.

The former Vice-President said her story is the American story. “Her story is the American story. She knows about all of the obstacles thrown in the way of so many in our country. Women, Black women, Black Americans, South Asian Americans, immigrants. The left out and the left behind. She has overcome every obstacle she has ever faced,” Biden said.

“No one has been tougher on big banks and the gun lobby. No one has been tougher on calling out the current administration for its extremism, its failure to follow the law, its failure to simply tell the truth. Kamala and I both draw from our families. That is where we get our strength. For Kamala, it is Doug, and their families. For me, it is Jill, and ours,” he added.
Last week, Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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The final night of Democratic Night Convention saw a star-studded line up of several leaders including Andrew Yang and Former Surgeon General of the United States Vivek Murthy.
Slamming US President Donald Trump’s leadership in handling the coronavirus pandemic, former US surgeon general Dr Vivek Murthy said there has been a lack of leadership in handling the outbreak, at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday (Local time).

According to CNN, Murthy advised Biden’s campaign on policy proposals to respond to the pandemic and how the Democratic presidential candidate and his staff hold events to reach out to voters. The event also saw Andrew Yang and himself an onetime 2020 Democratic nominee introducing actress Julia Louis-Drefus.

As per a report in The Hill, Yang and Luis-Dreyfus then launched into a bit in which they purposely mispronounced Pence’s name, in an apparent dig at Republicans who have at times mispronounced the first name of Sen. Kamala Harris.

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According to CNN, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth did not mince words when hitting President Trump on Thursday: He is the “coward in chief.” Duckworth, a finalist to be Biden’s running mate, used her speech to the Democratic convention to tout Biden’s understanding of the “sacrifices” made by military families, reported the outlet.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) for Biden commenting on the line up of AAPI speakers queuing up Joe Biden’s acceptance, said: “This week’s program featuring AAPIs underscores the fact that a Biden-Harris White House will uplift our voices and represent the needs of our diverse nation. We were greeted by AAPI delegates from Colorado to Virginia, and heard from voices like Georgia State Representative Sam Park, an example of the growing civic participation and political leadership among AAPIs.”

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will fight for equal opportunity, access to justice, and human rights for all Americans, including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The AAPI community looks forward to a Biden-Harris administration that restores our nation’s democracy and standing in the world. AAPIs from all corners of the country are ready to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States to ensure our leadership fights for us,” it said.

The presidential election in the US is scheduled to be held on November 3. (ANI)

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