High possibility of a Covid vaccine soon, predicts renowned astrologer Dr Aashish Shah

27 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

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In an exclusive conversation with NewsX, Dr Aashish Shah has predicted that there is a high possibility of a Covid vaccine soon. He also revealed that there was quite a lot of talk for quite some t...

Renowned astrologer, Dr. Aashish Shah recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview. Dr. Shah also works as an Energy and Vastu consultant.

Speaking on the importance of Astrology in the time of Covid-19 he explained to us how Astrologers had actually known of such a pandemic beforehand. “In Astrology, there was quite a lot of talk for quite a lot of time that there could be a major disease like this coming soon, and that no one would have been able to find a cure.” He also made a prediction for us with regards to the possible emergence of a vaccine. “It’s highly unlikely for the next two months that we get a vaccine. Right now, everyone’s really confused.”

Energy management is Dr. Shah’s specialty. He feels that negative energy is “running rampant’ through our society at the present moment. “Two types of energy-positive and negative. When you go into a mandir, the kind of energy you feel there, that’s positive. But these days, especially due to the pandemic, there’s a lot of negative energy going around.”

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Dr. Shah’s advice is to change our thought processes and our thinking in order to better manage our energy. “Our thinking really impacts our energy greatly. Whatever you think, that eventually manifests itself in the universe. If we throw a ball up, it comes back. If we think positive, then that positivity will come back to us. We need to look at on the bright side of our current condition; did we ever think we’d be able to do all of our work from home? Did we ever think we’d be having this much free time to spend with our loved ones? Life has its ups and downs, and we need to realize that.”

“3 times the calls during lockdowns”, he says of the increased demand for Astrological services during these uncertain times. People are swamped by multiple fears and Dr. Shah feels he’s able to provide them with some reassurance. “I try to assuage people’s fears, and tell them look these days will pass, but you need to just focus on yourself right now. Don’t waste the time you’ve got right now, go and seek out and experience divine energy.”

He says it’s not the time for astrology per se, instead, it’s a time to spread a positive message. “These last 3 months, I haven’t done too much astrology, but what I’ve tried to do is provide people with a positive assurance that it will get better.”

Looking ahead towards the future, Dr. Shah predicts that there will be an improvement in the fight against Covid-19, after September. “It’s still not over though, there are still a whole lot of cases in India and all across the world. However, if you look at it on a percentage basis, you’ll see that its actually not that many. So yes, we have to be careful, and we have to protect ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we keep living in fear of this.”

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