Friday, December 1, 2023

Hindu Forum Canada demands action against Khalistani leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who endorsed Hamas

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Expressing grave concerns regarding recent declarations by designated terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun openly endorsing Hamas and issuing threats against Indian Consulates in G7 nations, including Canada, the Hindu community in Canada has urged the Trudeau government to take immediate action against the Khalistani leader.

In an urgent email sent on Thursday to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc, the Hindu Forum of Canada (HFC) called for swift measures to be taken against Pannun.

Pannun, a figure associated with Khalistani activities, has recently issued alarming threats to shut down Indian Consulates in G7 nations, Canada included, raising significant concerns.

“On October 21st, from G7 Nations, from Canada to Australia, Sikhs for Justice is going to shut down terror houses of India in Vancouver, Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, and Milan. The People of Palestine shut down the Indian terror house in Ramallah and remove Renu Yadav,” Pannun stated.

The HFC emphasized, “Such statements must not be tolerated. We implore the government of Canada to take immediate action, as we are deeply concerned about the safety of our community. This kind of hateful video and speech is exacerbating hatred and violence.”

Moreover, the Hindu community has been perturbed by the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) founder’s previous hostile remarks towards Canadian Hindus, such as “Canadian Hindus, leave Canada,” prompting their demand for governmental intervention to safeguard their well-being.

The HFC emphasized its consistent solidarity with Israel in condemning the actions of Hamas terrorists responsible for the loss of innocent lives. They asserted that their position aligns with the global condemnation of terrorist attacks, a sentiment echoed by Canadian political leaders at all levels of government, including the Prime Minister of Canada.

The Hindu Forum of Canada, in its appeal to Minister LeBlanc, requested that if Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is not a Canadian citizen, he should be barred from entering Canada. If he is indeed a Canadian citizen, they urged a thorough investigation and potential charges related to hate crimes, given the nature of his statements and threats.

This ongoing situation emphasizes the necessity for a comprehensive response to address the concerns of the Hindu community and ensure that divisive rhetoric and threats are not tolerated. It also highlights the broader issue of addressing the influence of Khalistani activists and their impact on various communities.

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