Horoscope Today, Friday, November 23, 2018: With the new day comes the new story that add flavours to the journey of life. From struggles to opportunities, one should always be prepared for things coming his or her way. Well, our queries often start with career and end at wealth, education, health and other personal activities. Therefore, it is important to have a source that would calm our mind and make us spend the day with the utmost concentration to whichever field we are in. A guidance to solve such queries is a must! To answer all such queries, NewsX.com in association with AstroRoot.com have come up to tell you your daily horoscope. Horoscope/ Astrology is the best way to know about your future and it certainly helps one to meet the day in the right way. 


The leadership skills in you will lead people to think differently about you. You will try to find answers and start digging yourself. I will advise you not to underestimate yourself as it is more mental according to me.


Money matters can be tricky at the moment. Confusion may occur between you and your friend. Both work and leisure look good for you today. Do what you can do today, do not put it off for tomorrow. You may get into intense discussions or differences of opinion.


Managing Finances should be your top priority right now. You will enjoy every moment of life right now Romance may broaden your horizon. Be careful in handling newfound finances. This is also an excellent time for mingling with your colleagues and friends.


You have a clear and quick process of thought right now. You will feel relaxed at work today. You will find that your energy levels have soared. You need to dedicate your time to your near and dear ones.


Don’t ignore and listen to what others are saying about you. Mind your impatience and do not always take others opinions too personally. Discipline is the key to your success right now. This afternoon is a good time for romantic relationships.   


You may lack focus today. You may face challenges from stubborn forces your easy-going nature today. Your instincts are something you can trust today which will help you to deal with bottled-up feelings. Don’t get upset and restless. Go with the flow. Avoid all futile discussions with obstinate people.


Your failures are because of your faults don’t blame others for it. Make changes in your lifestyle and take good care of yourself. It is a good time to lead the way on a project. You may find difficulty in taking a leadership role and stimulate others into action. Expand your experiences and personal growth at this time.


You will feel sensitive and romantic because of the moon today. You have been changing so much lately that you are in need of a brief reassurance. People around you will try to control your energies.  


This could be one of those days when conditions, in general, should be quite favourable for you. It might be the best time to address those matters that concern to your finances or career. Take things slowly today and avoid any disappointments in love.


A job prospect looks good and can help you solve some of your personal problems if you make a move Take a challenge for yourself. A short trip will enable you to connect with someone helpful. Avoid seriousness. All meaningful productivity comes from playfulness. Shake yourself from the grip of heavy thoughts and come out of it as soon as possible.


You feel good factor will stay all day and you will gain energy from it. Your naturally competitive nature attracts you to some activities. You won’t be able to say enough good things about yourself and you will get to know just how important you are in other people’s lives.


Someone may hurl you a curve ball and you will have to act fast to avoid being questioned about something you aren’t prepared to talk about. An old relationship might disrupt your life if you let it. Honesty will be your only way out.

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