Today is December 31, it’s the last day of the year 2018, tomorrow will be a new day, a new year and a sort of new start. Today is the day to review what happened the entire year, if you were able to achieve what you desired a year back, or at least are you on the right track. And if the answer is negative, what went wrong. Today is for introspection, tomorrow is to have a new start. However, every day has its challenges and tasks and it could be much easier if you had some idea about what life would throw at you on the last day. Therefore, to give you a head start, NewsX has in association with has come up with your horoscope for the day.

Today will be a jam-packed day for you, as you will remain very busy throughout the day. Your evening will be bright and cheerful as you are like you to have fun. You will make some resolution.

You might have to shift your base from one place to another. New opportunities are waiting for you. You will get the support of your parents. Do not keep high expectations from others.

Something you have been avoiding for so long will come to you upfront. There is a strict need of controlling what you have been eating for so long. A close friend might give you a visit.

Today you will clean and decorate your house. You will get a gift from your loved ones. Appreciate the efforts of the people around you. You will feel lucky about your family.

It’s the day full of opportunities so better make use of it. Behave nicely with people, it will give you benefits. You will go somewhere out in the evening with your family. Keep your expenses under control.

You will bunk your office today and go out with your friends. There are chances of a budding Romance. A sudden travel plan is likely to happen. Wearing blue will be beneficial.

You might show your anger to someone who loves you. People will not trust the words you will say to them today. Do not hesitate to ask for favors. Overall the day will be tensed.

The list of task is long and the time you have is less so buckle up. You need to show people what you are capable of. You will impress someone with your words. Keep yourself happy.

Do not invest in any kind of scheme. People will take benefit of your sweetness. Your hard work will be recognized. Your spouse will take you somewhere special.

Keep yourself away from negative people. You will involve yourself in a new venture. Help the needy around you. You will enjoy the time with your friends. Buy something for yourself.

Do not push yourself too hard for the things you can’t complete. You will get the support of your children. Legal matters need to be taken care of. There are chances of marriage for the eligible ones.

You will go out and do shopping today. Listen to what your parents are saying to you as it will give you good results. Your career needs your special attention. A friend might ask you for a loan.

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