Horoscope for Saturday, December 29, 2018: Every human being on the earth is serving a purpose in life. Those who have become well-familiar with their purposes, they are leading a successful life and are continuously working to make it a better one. Although, those who still have no idea about what meaningful will come out of their lives are still struggling with a bunch of questions that mostly revolves about their existence. For all those, Astrology can be a medium to get closer to the purpose. Astrology doesn’t make the path easier but it makes one aware of the fact that the path he is leading that is either right or not. It also makes us aware of the forthcoming hurdles and challenges and prepares us for the bigger struggles coming in life. NewsX in association with AstroRoot.com has come up with your horoscope for the day. After all, it is the only medium that creates a possibility and required motivation in our life.



You should not lose hope today. Your parents will support you in taking important decisions. Keep your belongings safe as there are chances of them getting lost. You will attend the marriage of your close friend.




You may develop a new love interest in your life. If you are into the stock market then you will get benefits today. Do not run away from the truth you already know. You will invest your money in some financial scheme.




Think twice before you speak in front of others. Your subordinates can give you trouble because of some pending work. You may plan to buy a new property. If you are searching for a new job then today you will get the success.




You may suffer from back pain. You may plan a surprise visit to someone’s place. Your friend will give you financial support. Planning to start a new business can be beneficial. You will not hesitate to speak the truth.




There are strong chances of you going abroad for some work. There will be an atmosphere of celebration at your house. Marriage is on the cards for those who are eligible. You may buy something for your house.




You will get full support from the spouse. You will get stuck in some critical situation. You may go out shopping with your family. There can be some tiff with a colleague in the office.




Important decisions taken in the past will give you benefits. There can be a dispute between elderly people in the house. You can get some bad news in the work area today. It is very important for you to maintain your patience.




Some of your relatives can cause you trouble. You will get disappointing results in the field of education. A health-related problem can worsen the situation. Do not engage in property related issues.




You will spend more than you have today. You will complete the work pending from a long time. Take the blessings of your parents before leaving the house. Matters related to finance will be in your favor.




An elderly member of the house today can be the reason for your disappointment. You will get success in whatever you do today. Something said by your spouse to you may hurt your self-esteem.




A stranger might help you today. Court-related matters can bother you today. Your boss may ask you to do overtime. Try not to take tension for the things which are not in your hand.




You will return back the money you have taken from others. You will be prepared for the problems you know you are going to face in the future. Do not trust someone you don’t know. Wearing blue color clothes can be beneficial.


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