Horoscope Today, Saturday, January 5, 2019: Whatever happens in one’s life happens for his/her own sake. Life does bring a situation that can be a bit hard for us but strong are those who know how to keep going. Along with all this, the thing that is required a light that can guide us in the right direction. This light or call it guide could be the one who warns you about the upcoming hurdles and makes one prepared to face them with sheer strength. Well, Astrology is indeed one of such guides. It makes us aware of the challenges and even aware one about what steps one should take to avoid bitter consequences. Keeping in mind the fact, NewsX in association with AstroRoot.com has come up with your horoscope for the day.


At the workplace, your coworkers can challenge you. Someone close to you can use you for their own benefit. Be sure to consider the result before making any decision today.



If you are spending most of your time with the family today then it will prove to be beneficial for you. You will get success today in the work area. Your work is likely to be appreciated by the boss.



You will make some changes today in the plans made for the future. In terms of love and relationship, today’s day will be favourable for you. The business is likely to grow to a great extent.



There may be a dispute with someone in the work area. Today is a great day to take a decision in relation to love affair. There is a possibility of you completing some old pending work.



Any good news can be heard in the field of education. A hasty decision taken in business can troublesome. Trust your partner in business as he will help you to get success.



It is a good time to sort any work that is going to come in the future. There is a possibility of a rift with a spouse. Family issues can bother you today.



Today is a great day to go on a journey. Problems with your partner may arise. Compatibility will remain in marital life. There is a great need for planning your career to a great extent.



Your bond with your friends will grow today. Someone close to you may become the reason for your trouble. You will get a reasonable time to think again about your future plans.



You may face some conflicts in the business area. You will feel emotionally weak today. Giving priority to positive thoughts will be extremely necessary today.



Do not take any decision in arrogance otherwise, it can harm you. If you are a person related to art, then you can get success in the respective field.



If you are a student then today will be favourable for you. Any important work that was on hold for a long time could be completed today. The luck will be on your side today.




Keep a distance from a person who has a negative point of view otherwise you can get stuck in a bigger problem. A member of the family can be a cause of success in your work area. Proximity with life partner can increase.


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