A new day, a new year, and we hope this year is wonderful and prosperous for you. Today, the first thing you should ask to yourself is this,” if 2018 was the best year of your life, then what would have happened.” And the answer to this question is your 2019 resolution. However, this is easier said than done. Life is unpredictable, and whenever you think you’re on the right track, you’re about to achieve your goal, it’ll give you a sucker punch. Every day comes with a new challenge, new question and a new task in your path to achieve what you set out for, and that’s why some prior knowledge about the upcoming events might come in handy. To give heads up, NewsX in association with AstroRoot.com has come up with your horoscope for the day.

You will hesitate in asking for help from others. You might buy a gift for the loved one. New opportunities are waiting for you. Try to be as happy as possible. There are chances of growth in the future.

People will talk to you their self-motive. You may have to put a lot of effort to accomplish something. You might have to cancel the plan of going somewhere. Keep control of the expenditure.

A new Ray of hope will come into your life. People will recognize your efforts in the workplace. Chances of you hanging out tonight with your colleagues. You might make some good friends.

Stars are in your favour, so give your 100% in whatever you do. You will set new goals for yourself. You may build a team to accomplish something. Your family will be supportive.

A close relative may ask you for help which you can’t deny. You might take your partner out for a dinner. Romance is on the cards for those who are eligible. You will buy something for yourself.

Students will get a good opportunity in their respective fields. Your parents will be helpful and will support you in making some important decisions. Take extra care of your health today.

Participate in activities that you like to do as it will be relaxing. Some old health-related problem can disturb you the whole day. Your bad behaviour will annoy someone. Someone might ask you for a favour.

There are chances of you going overseas. You will participate in some spiritual activity. People around you will appreciate the help you had done for them. Do not underestimate your potential.

You might meet someone for your marriage. Investing in some property will prove to be beneficial. Keep a close eye on the people around you. Wearing white colour today will be beneficial.

There are chances of you getting robbed by someone. People will take advantage of your situation. A good time is about to come so don’t lose hope. You will get appreciation because of your work.

Who are in the field of technology will get a promotion. Your mother may ask you to do some important work. Don’t underestimate the potential of people around you. You will celebrate with your family in the evening.

Your friend may ask you for your help, which you will be able to provide him. If you are a parent then you will get worried about your child’s future. You will involve yourself in some physical activity. Don’t shout on your subordinates. 

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