Happiness is a choice, Attitude is a choice, Behaviour is a choice, Kindness is a choice, Respect is a choice, whatever choice you make ultimately makes you. Always remember, don’t get pushed around by the fears going on in your mind. Let your dreams in your heart lead you to your destination. Instead, of worrying about your future happenings, transfer or shift your energy to something which is in your control. Take the responsibility of your own happiness and lead your life with full enthusiasm. To aware you about your future happenings, NewsX in association with AstroRoot.com has come up to tell you your horoscope for the day. Astrology, after all, is the study of the planetary impact on our lives.


Today you will spend most of your time with someone who is unfamiliar to you. Someone close to you can bring a bad news. You are likely to get benefits from business today but if you are not careful, there can be a loss too.


You will be worried in terms of your health today. You will give full support to your children. You might plan to travel somewhere. If you are involved in the field of education then today is the day which will bring positive results.

If you are someone who deals in the property then today’s day will not be good for you. You will receive a lot of support from the family today. There can be a dispute between you and your life partner.


You may have to face difficulties in your job. But colleagues will give you full support. You may get some good news from your life partner. Maintaining patience while doing any work is very important for you today.

Today’s day will be auspicious for you. You will get success in whatever work you do today. But some chronic disease can disturb you today.

In relation to trade, today will be favourable for you. Today will get some good news from any member of the house. There is a possibility of a slight disagreement with the boss. Be sure to think about it before making any decision.

Today’s day will be extremely beneficial for females. If you make any decisions today, then you will get positive results. If you are a lover, then today you can take some important decision about your relationship.

If you are looking for a new job, you can get good news about it today. The dispute can be deep on friends with a personal problem. Today you need to control your words; otherwise, the finished work can also get worse.

Your relationship with your partner today will be pleasant. But you may have to face any health-related problem. You can argue about something from your boss. If you are a student, then today’s day will be favourable for you.


You need to maintain alertness today. You will get trapped in a big trouble because of the bad condition of Mars in your kundli. Do not travel anywhere unless it is necessary, otherwise, the accident is likely to happen.

If you are married, then there is a possibility of a problem being faced by your spouse. There can be some surprising news about the business. You can help a stranger today and it will also prove to be beneficial to you.

You might face health problems today. You will get appreciation from the boss about your work in the office. If you try to stretch any matter related to a dispute, then it will be harmful to you.

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