Sunday, December 10, 2023

House divided among two states, family pays taxes to both

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The unusual sense of straddling two states at odds with one other over 14 villages is shared by a 13-member Pawar family here.

For years, the Pawars have paid property tax to both Maharashtra and Telangana in the village of Maharajaguda in Simavarti Jivati tehsil in Chandrapur district. They benefit from both states’ welfare programmes and even possess automobiles with Maharashtra and Telangana registration plates.

This may appear weird, yet it is correct. This 10-room house in Maharajguda village is home to the Pawar family. The residence has four rooms in Telangana and four rooms in Maharashtra.

The kitchen is located in Telangana, while the bedroom and hall are located in Maharashtra. A total of 13 members of the families of two brothers Uttam Pawar and Chandu Pawar have been residing in this 10-room house for years.

When the boundary dispute was ultimately settled in 1969, the Pawar family’s land was divided into two states. The home was also split. The family has had no problems thus far because they pay property taxes in both states.

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