From Greece’s Wildfires to Floods in Indian subcontinent, How Climate Change is Impacting the World?

24 July, 2023 | Anamika Singh Parihar

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Climate change is real and it is happening across the globe. India has witnessed Flood and Greece is witnessing Wildfire all thanks to climate change.

As they say “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem, it is happening here and it is happening now”, Countries around the world are witnessing quick and dangerous shifts in the climate. Wildfires, floods, cloud bursting, heatwaves etc. are becoming more frequent now than ever.

Greece is battling its worst forest fires in decades as it forced the country into the first evacuation drive. Massive wildfires broke out in some parts of the capital Athens and near areas including the Island of Rhodes last week during ongoing heatwaves.

Greek fire service spokesman Vassilis Varthakogiannis said in his statement “This is not the fire that will be over tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It will be troubling us for days.” Heatwaves struck the country very badly and it’s been considered as the longest heatwaves on record. This is not only affecting the daily activities of the common people in the country but also affecting the tourism sector vehemently.

As Greece’s economy is largely dependent on the tourism industry ongoing wildfires have been a huge blow for this particular sector. It is not merely Greece’s facing this problem but entire Europe is witnessing extreme heat waves and hot weather.

Climate Change: Indian States face wrath of floods due to extreme rains

Recently many Indian States have witnessed-flood-like situations in many situations. Extreme and torrential rainfall has created a flood-like situation and landslides in states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, New Delhi, Maharashtra, etc. The water level of river Yamuna breached its danger level mark and created a flood-like condition in many parts of the National Capital.

On one hand, some states have faced flood-like situations many other Indian states have seen drought-like situations. Some states are not getting enough rainfall which affects the growth of various crops that are dependent on Monsoon.

El Nino contributing to Climate Change will create warmer weather till 2024

Droughts and heat waves have become very common across the world throughout the years. El Nino is the biggest sporadic event that is making the weather warmer year-on-year. El Nino is considered one of the most significant contributors to ongoing heat waves across the world.

The United States is anticipated to experience hotter weather in the upcoming months due to a blend of human-induced climate change and the El Niño climate pattern. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials declared that El Niño is projected to persist until March 2024.

Although this phenomenon is not the sole reason for making the climate even hotter continuously green greenhouse gas is the main reason for global warming. The use of traditional energy resources like Coal and Petroleum has already made the climate situation grim and vulnerable.

Thwaite glaciers are famously known as “Doomsday glaciers” because their collapse could drive a catastrophic rise in sea level. According to the very famous research journal “Nature,” the Thwaites Glacier is melting rapidly and unexpectedly due to continuous increases in temperature.

These kinds of disasters are threatening human existence day by day. It has become very necessary for governments across the globe and international organizations to quickly find a way to tackle climate change. It is the need of the hour to make the walk-and-talk kind of rules and regulations not just only promising on paper.