Wednesday, December 6, 2023

How Shridhar Dilip Ingale a social workers bringing change in the hardest of times

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The pandemic has changed the lives of the masses all over the world for bad. The lost homes, hungry stomachs and the shattered dreams. The Pandemic destroyed it all. The future looks rather uncertain with millions of lives and dreams shattered.

They say that the darkest and toughest of times create the strongest heroes. Not the ones that we want, but the ones that the world needs. All throughout the pandemic, we saw thousands and thousands of youth coming in selflessly, to help the people around them. Though with the extreme limitations of the various lockdowns, those selfless warriors still rose to the occasion to aid the needy around them. Be it providing thousands of oxygen cylinders for the needful population, or literally providing monetary aid to the weaker strata; the world saw thousands of heroes standing up face to face to the might of the deadly pandemic.

One of such warriors was Shridhar Ingale – the selfless man who worked for his people and inspired the whole world to do well. India being one of the worst countries to get hit with the deadly virus, saw millions of lost lives during the first and the second waves of COVID. Maharashtra was one of the states that were affected the most during the second wave of the pandemic. During this toughest of times, people like Shridhar Ingale fearlessly came forward for contributing to the lives affected by Covid-19.

Shridhar rose up and provided financial aid from his own savings to help the patients with their expensive medical bills. Adding to that, he used all his might to rebuild parts of Ahmednagar and Shrirampur to build many hospitals for the needy people. Also, he was worked hard for the last few months in proving beds, proper food, and many other necessities and requirements to aid the deprived people in these difficult times. Shridhar is also known for his golden heart as he visits an orphanage every year on his birthday to bring moments of joy in the lives of small children.

And even with doing so much for the world around him, Shridhar remains down to earth with his values. In fact, he does not even consider his social works as charity, but duty as a human. His selfless deeds and tireless works for the upliftment of the society and the lives of the under privileged have earned him immense respect from the society. Through his works, Shridhar Ingale wishes to inspire thousands of youngsters to come forward and do their bit for the society and bring about a positive impact in the lives of people.

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