Huge embarrassment for Pak: Baloch activists hold anti-Pak protests in Germany

19 July, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Anti Pak Protests in Germany World

Speaking about the anti-Pakistan protests by Baloch activists in Germany, BNM Germany Zone President Hammal Baloch said that the purpose of the demonstration was to make aware the world about Harna...

Baloch activists living in Germany held a protest against the ever-increasing human rights violations in Balochistan and against the Harnai incident where Pakistan army killed the family of Qaisar Chalgarri including, his 9 years old daughter Naz Bibi. The protest was organised on Saturday by Baloch National Movement (Germany Zone), who also ran an online campaign using the hashtag #JusticForNazBibi.

Along with the members of Baloch National Movement, the sympathisers of the party, Baloch Republican Party (BRP Germany Chapter), members of Pashtoon Tahfuz Moment (PTM) and people from the local community also took part in the demonstration.

Hammal Baloch, The president of BNM Germany Zone addressed to the participants and said, “The purpose of today’s demonstration is to make aware the world about Harnai tragedy and human rights violations in Balochistan by the Army of Pakistan. A few days back Pakistan Army attacked a House in Harnai killing the elderly man Qaisar Chalgarri and his 9 years old daughter Naz Bibi and abducted two boys.”

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Hammal added, “Pakistan is punishing Baloch nation for raising their voices for freedom while following its policy of collective punishment. The tragedy of Harnai is the continuation of the same policy. We want to send a message to the people of Germany and the civilized world that the people of Balochistan are being persecuted on a daily basis by the state of Pakistan.”

He added that there is compete media ban in Balochistan. The lives political activists, social activist, student, and teachers are not secure in Balochistan. Those who speak against the state atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan, he or she either will be abducted and tortured or get killed by the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan.

Asghar Ali the General Secretary of BNM Germany Zone addressed to the audience and said, “Balochistan is a colony of Pakistan. The relation of the Baloch nation with Pakistan is the colonizer and the colonized. From the first day of the occupation our land, Balochistan, Pakistan has been trying to maintain its rule by the barrel of the gun.”

He further added, “The abduction of Baloch women by lawless Pakistan Army of Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. Baloch women are being abducted from the decade of seventy. But the Pakistan army became more brutal in the recent past. The killing of Baloch women and children a clarion call for the people of Balochistan that Pakistan determined to continue the Baloch genocide more ruthlessly.”

Shah Fawaz, The member of Baloch Republican Party said, “Our women and children are safe nowhere, neither they are safe in colleges and universities nor in at home. Even our children are being targeted and killed by the Pakistan Army. The incident of Harnai where Pakistan Army killed Naz Bibi shows the dirty intentions of Pakistan in Balochistan.”

A large number of political activists, intellectuals, women and children in Pakistan’s Balochistan province are victims of enforced disappearances by the security agencies. Many of them are languishing in detention centres whereas mutilated bodies of some of these abducted Baloch are found in isolated places.

A large number of Baloch, who have taken asylum in Europe and other parts of the world, continue to hold protests to raise the support of the international community and pressurize Pakistan and its security agencies to stop human rights violations in Balochistan.

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