‘I am glad that I listened to my instincts’: Tanuj Virwani, Actor

26 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Tanuj Virwani is an Indian actor and model and has won a lot of accolades for his role in “The Tattoo Murders” on Disney+Hotstar. Along with being an actor he has shown a keen interest in direction...

Tanuj Virwani is an Indian actor and model and has won a lot of accolades for his role in “The Tattoo Murders” on Disney+Hotstar and yet again he packed with a powerful role as ACP Aditya in “Murder Meri Jaan” streaming on Disney + Hotstar alongside Barkha Singh. Along with being an actor he has shown a keen interest in direction and writing and has made several socially relevant short films. Tanuj recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as part of NewsX India A-List and talked about how his current projects and roles in it and how the pandemic has been affecting him.

When asked about what convinced the director and also him to do the role in his recent film ‘Tattoo Murders’, Tanuj sjared with us, “If you propose that question in front of our director Shravan sir maybe he will ask what convinced Tanuj to do the role. It was sort of a perfect role because I think I was also itching to do something different. Since I have started getting work, I have been offered an array of roles such as after Inside Edge and been offered roles. It was more like urban in the treatment of how those characters lived, and I specifically felt that with the character of Prabhat Pratap on Tattoo Murders, it offered me the chance to do something drastically different and I like to experiment.”

“On this particular project, I did not have the sort of pressure to carry a shoot but I was okay to try something different because sometimes you will pass with flying colours and audience will really embrace it or sometimes just mixed reactions. But if you don’t try, if you don’t take that first step into the water you will never know whether you can sink or swim. I think the OTT platform also largely should be credited because it really gives us as actors a lot more scope for experimentation, shoots and even films.”

When asked about how appealing the role was to him, the actor replied, “Absolutely, the one thing I am happy having seeing the show entirely is that, our director who is also one of the writers on the show was kind of able to read it in the authenticity that was present in the writing. Many times what happens is that things get lost in translation, you might read a script and whereas the whole story may really appeal to you but when you see the way it’s finally done on the screen executed very differently. In this particular case, I feel Shravan sir has done an excellent job of maintaining the authenticity and it’s very raw and very edgy because there’s no sex involved in fact a lot of project was involved shooting at real life which I think will be impossible during pandemic but we finished shooting just before Covid has hit.”

When asked about his success with digital platforms, Tanuj said, “I think just the visibility of what OTT platform offers to actors like myself and many others in my position is insane. I still remember when I was signed on ‘Inside Edge’ and we were shooting back in 2016, a lot of us were very cautiously optimistic that we know we are making something cool and interesting but no one could have in their wildest dreams thought like the impact it could have. Today when you look at the entire landscape of entertainment in our country it has just shifted so dramatically and has given birth to so many wonderful actors and I consider myself very fortunate that I am an active actor at this point of my career who is getting these opportunities. I am just so glad that I listened to my instincts and it has given me even more confidence on going ahead to trust my instincts.”

While talking about his next upcoming movie, the actor shared with us and said, “The line up seems to be very solid right now so I believe my next release would be a show called Tandoor which is based on Tandoor murder case that happened in Delhi in 1995 and I am actually portraying the role of the person who was responsible for it and it’s a miracle to get that on Covid situation. I have got another show coming up with Barkha Singh so I am really looking forward to it as it has given me another opportunity to do other works. There is one upcoming project which I am really passionate about with the mafia in Bombay city because it’s again a very different kind of project.”

When asked how the actor himself has adjusted to the pandemic situation, Tanuj revealed, “Everybody collectively put our guards down and we are in probably worst situation than from last year. I would like to say is what we all have been redirecting for last one year about social distancing, sanitisation and wearing masks and hence I request viewers to take of themselves and others around especially who are vulnerable. It has been frustrating for me also but when ever I put on television I consider myself extremely fortunate and grateful to be in the position that I am and there is so much to look forward to in life and I am sure few years from now when we will look back at this asas learning curve thinking and how we lived through it and we survived.”