“I carry my inspiration in these tattoos!” says Fashion Influencer Vishal Prajapati

24 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Vishal Prajapati started his journey in 2015 and now with over 760k followers on Instagram. More than that, Vishal is a thoughtful influencer.

Vishal Prajapati started his journey in 2015 and now with over 760k followers on Instagram, he is one of the youngest, most impactful Influencers having worked with many fashion, luxury and styling brands.

More than that, Vishal is a thoughtful influencer. He promotes brands that resonate with his thoughts and indirectly leave an impact on his audience as well. Every brand collaboration is a challenge for Vishal and he takes it up the same way. He aims to infuse fun in this process as well.

Personally, Vishal is a storehouse of inspiration. While he draws inspiration from various mediums, he has made sure that inspiration doesn’t leave him at all. How? Well, he’s got some amazing tattoos on his body. These are not regular tattoos.

For starters, Vishal’s right arm has a mandala; a curation that was brought to life in three consecutive days. Vishal sat down with the artist without breaks. Now, a mandala is not generally a tattoo but for Vishal it is a reminder of patience and resilience.

Vishal Prajapati says,I was always inspired by the history and making of a mandala. It requires silence, patience, dedication, concentration, a mind free of distractions and a a lot of hard work. These are values that resonate with them. These values create a masterpiece. I want to carry these values with me.”

Vishal Prajapati carries a total of nine tattoos on his body. Apart from the mandala, he has got “Never Give Up and “Live Without Limits inked as well. These are his life mantras too. Vishal Prajapati believes in living life without boundaries. He is constantly experimenting and learning from his failures.

Vishal is also an avid traveller and carries that nomadic spirit with him. A very prominent tattoo by the name, “Safar” is majestically inked and is a representation of Vishal’s travel journey. Vishal truly embodies the spirit of a traveller looking for new ideas in places he visits.

These tattoos are also appreciated by Vishal’s audience. They are unique, aesthetic and thought-provoking: just like Vishal’s content.

Vishal Prajapati can be followed on Instagram at (@vishalprajapati_23)