‘I consider my job is to portray reality’: Sonia Rathee, Actor

10 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Sonia Rathee is an actor who was most recently seen in AltBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful 3. The actress joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as a part of NewsX India A-List and shared her experie...

Sonia Rathee is an American-Indian actress who has been famous in the industry for her excellent acting performances. She is known for Broken But Beautiful (2018), Night Encounters and 100: The Tribute (2014) among the cinephiles. Rathee also worked as a production designer prior to her entry as an actress. She recently appeared in AltBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful 3. The actress joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as a part of NewsX India A-List and shared her experience in the industry.

While asked about her full-fledged digital debut into the film industry, Rathee said, “It is surreal. The response has been incredible which I didn’t expect it to be, especially for my visit. It’s also surreal just seeing myself on screen. It’s the first time I’m seeing myself. So, I’m still very overwhelmed and very grateful. It’s still hitting me. It’s taking time, but I’m just very happy.”

Addressing to a question about the reaction of fan or people she closely associated with, the actress added, “Well, there’s obviously a variety of compliments and comments, but one thing I remember when my parents or any family members or friends first watched it, all of them and that has always stuck with me from the beginning.”

Replying to what convinced her the most to join the project, Broken But Beautiful 3, Rathi again stated, “It was the character and definitely the script. Besides, I knew about Broken 1 and 2. I also knew that Broken 3 was a huge deal and while giving the audience I immediately got connected to it. Then I spoke to my director Priyanka, who is delighted to work with, and accordingly we spoke about the script. I was very intrigued and I think the script was a roller coaster.”

Clearing the difference between her on-screen and real-screen portrait, she said, “Physically I’m the exact opposite. I don’t do jewellery, the hair that appeared. But, in terms of emotional side to her definitely some points are relatable. Again, I’m not feisty as she (the character) is but at some point a lot of people can connect to certain emotions from her.”

When asked about the connection of her role to real world happenings, the actress replied, “I had a lot of discussions about love with different people like why do they stay in a relationship even though they don’t necessarily love the person. There was one scene where some director says she doesn’t love him, she loves the way he loves her. I think that’s huge and I had to continuously have those conversations and it is a toxic relationship to some extent. I thought that was an important part but relatively was a family portion of it with my sister, my parents that I brought from relatability.”

Addressing the content about the series, Rathee mentioned, “Before we did have a hundred percent pure or hundred percent evil characters which is not relatable. No one is hundred percent perfect or evil, and there is always a middle ground. People watch because they want to portray reality and that I consider my job is to portray reality for which we want to show stories that can happen in reality. The content is incredible and OTT platforms are making it possible. It’s not only giving opportunities to actors but directors, writers and new ideas.”

Sharing with our viewers the actor’s future plans and about her dream role, Rathee said, “I’m just taking it one step at a time and seeing where my cards fall. I’m very excited to see where I end up. But in terms of dream roles, I’m just excited to play everything and I don’t think there’s exactly only one dream role that I want to do. But it’s definitely a variety like I do want to play a highway and want to do a romantic comedy along with being interested to do an evil character. I’m all over the place. I’m just excited to get on my feet.”