‘I wanted to be the face of representation and inclusivity’: Sakshi Sindwani

25 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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In an exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of NewsX Influencer A-List, Sakshi Sindwani, Instagram influencer talked about her journey and about breaking stereotypes and making history as the f...

Sakshi Sindwani, Instagram influencer shared her journey¬†from a science background to now being an influencer and model. “Personally I feel Instagram has a huge role to play. I was a YouTuber for a few years but that sadly didn’t work out as well as I would hope to. I was creating a lot of content and build a very strong community on YouTube, but it just came to a point where I couldn’t do YouTube anymore,” explained the influencer.

“It just felt very restricting and I didn’t feel like I was doing justice to the kind of content that I was making. I felt like I was looking for something bigger. That’s when I started the journey on Instagram which was a series in seconds which I truly feel changed my life so I went on this journey to create a new piece of video style video every single day and things really started changing,” said Sakshi.

Speaking about her debut into the modelling and fashion industry,¬†“I truly feel that it’s destiny who got me into modeling, because I was just sitting in this media row and fashion designer Rana Gill was present in the judging corner and she spotted me while I was there as a social media content creator. Rana Gill asked me to audition and I saw my glorious self on LAKME Fashion Week and after that it was snowballing.”

“Indian fashion week happened and I was the first plus size model at a major Fashion Week. After that came my Harper’s Bazaar covered. I truly believe that opportunity came and I was ready for it because I have worked all of these years to make myself ready for that opportunity so whenever it came, I was like let’s get set, go.”

Speaking about breaking stereotypes and making history as the first plus size model, Sakshi told us “When I started my YouTube channel and my Instagram page I wanted to be that face of representation and inclusivity, because growing up I never felt represented in traditional media, social media, social media, traditional media, i.e, magazines I never felt representative. I was like I’m going to bring the change that I want to.”

On a concluding note, Sakshi gave a piece of advice to our viewers and her fans and said “It’s never too late to start your self love journey. Firstly, embrace yourself. Life is too small to be more than about anybody else’s opinion. You’re destined to change the world. Everybody is on their own path and own journey, so might as well, embrace ourselves and be the best kindness version of ourselves.”