India vs Afghanistan, Ind vs Afg, ICC World Cup 2019 LIVE updates: Virat Kohli and Co. will play its fifth match against Afghanistan in the ICC World Cup 2019 at the Rose Bowl stadium in Southampton. Currently, India holds the fourth spot on the World Cup points table followed by Australia, New Zealand and England. Today’s match is indeed not an esay task for Gulbadin Naib-led Afghanistan, which has lost all the five matches played in the ICC World Cup 2019 so far. While fans are looking forward to high-voltage innings, the bad weather of England can take over the much-awaited battle.

During India vs Pakistan match too, the weather had played the spoilsport in the second innings of the match. Earlier on June 13, India’s match against was called off against New Zealand due to constant rain in the area. Now, the UK meteorological department had predicted that while weather would remain sunny during the day, it could get cloudy during the night time. The weather forecast has shown no chances of rains so far. While maximum temperature could reach a maximum of 24 degrees Celcius, the minimum is expected to be 11 degrees Celcius.

So far, India’s performance in the World Cup 2019 has been phenomenal, however, the injuries to key players like Shikhar Dhawan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar has raised the bar of hardships for India. 

Here are India vs Afghanistan, Ind vs Afg, ICC World Cup 2019 LIVE updates: 


India wins by 11 runs

Hattrick for Shami and India wins the match. India snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and the bowlers backed their batsmen who failed to impress in the match. Virat Kohli will be relieved that they got over the line in this match but questions remain for them going ahead in this world cup 2019.

12 runs needed from 2 balls

Gone again. Two in two and Afghanistan still need 12 runs from 2 balls. They are 9 wickets down and Shami has hit his length brilliantly in this over. Mujeeb ur Rehman on to the pitch now.

12 runs needed from 3 balls

gone!!!!! The danger man Nabi has gone after a splendid inning of 52 runs. India's game to lose now. 12 needed from 3 balls and Aftab Alam will face Shami.

12 from 4 balls

12 runs from 4 balls now. Shami needs to hit his yorker right otherwise he will travel here and he does just that.

AFG 209/7 after 49 overs

Only 5 runs from that Bumrah's over and AFG need 16 runs from the final over and he tonks Shami for a four over his head.

AFG 204/7 after 12 balls

21 needed from 12 balls and Nabi will face Bumrah from the first ball of the 49th over. India will hope he will dismiss Nabi as soon as possible. This over will decide the fate of this match.

AFG need 24 from 17 balls

Nabi went the first ball but he opts for a review and the impact was outside the line. A big six in that over and Afghanistan is still in the game thanks to this marvellous inning from Mohammad Nabi.

AFG 200/7 after 46.3 overs

Close call but Pandya missed the direct hits otherwise it was game over for Nabi and Afghanistan. Bumrah has been pulled over the mid-wicket for a big six by Nabi. He is the danger man for India here.

AFG 193/7 after 46 overs

Qick stumping by Dhoni and Rashid is gone now. Chahal has struck in his last over. He has given India a huge lift in this match by removing Rashid who is dangerous in the end overs.

AFG 185/6 after 45 overs

Poor fielding by Jadhav on the cover boundary and it could've gone for four. India needs Chahal to strike now. Rashid has started to strike boundaries here.

AFG 176/6 after 44 overs

Good over from Bumrah but the danger man for Afghanistan Nabi is still there and Rashid can strike long shots in the last few overs. This match is closer than it looks.

AFG 172/6 after 43 overs

Burmah back with his 8th over and he is the trump card India hopes will come right in their favour. Nabi needs to target one bowler here to go big otherwise the required rate will go higher.

AFG 169/6 after 42 overs

Afghanistan needs 56 runs from 48 balls and the wicket of Nabi holds the key for both the teams here. If India takes Nabi, it will be almost all over for Afghanistan.

AFG 166/6 after 41.3 overs

Najibullah and Nabi have put on a wonderful partnership here and Pandya has struck to remove Najib. An off cutter and the batsman played his shot early. The catch went to short mid wicket where Chahal completed an easy catch.

AFG 165/5 after 41 overs

A loose ball on the pads to start the over and Najib whipped it for four. Shami needs to be careful about his length here. He must maintain the pressure on the batsmen.

AFG 157/5 after 40 overs

Decent over from Pandya but a wicket still eludes him and India needs him to pick wickets. Afghanistan is playing smartly here and not going for unnecessary shots.

AFG 151/5 after 39 overs

Shami has tried to bring the ball back into left-handed Najibullah and he hits him over the mid off for a four. He needs to get his length right otherwise he will be taken for runs and India doesn't have too many in the bank.

AFG 143/5 after 38 overs

Kuldeep has given away only 39 runs but he went wicketless today and India needed him to pick wickets today when they are defending a low total. Afghanistan needs 82 runs from the remaining 72 balls.

AFG 140/5 after 40 overs

Brilliant over from Shami and only 3 runs from it. Shami has 5 overs left and he will look to get Nabi out now. Afghanistan needs to play calmly here and India will want them to panic.

AFG 137/5 after 36 overs

Kuldeep in his 9th over and he has not bowled as well as he would have liked and India needs him to come good in the limited balls he has now. He has only 6 balls left now to make an impact in this game.

AFG 130/5 after 35 overs

Bowled'im. Asghar Afghan went playing a wild swing against Chahal. A boundary on the first ball of the over and he is turning the ball from the line of the stumps. Chahal should have picked wickets by now and now he has one.

AFG 125/4 after 34 overs

Decent over from Pandya but India has to keep the pressure on these batsmen. These two are the last set of batsmen with proper technique to deal with the high-quality bowling against this rising run rate.

AFG 117/4 after 33 overs

A poor last ball of the over and AFG has finally got one to ease a bit of pressure. Afghanistan needs to hold its nerve and play ball on its merit and runs will come.

AFG 116/4 after 32 overs

Hardik is back for his next over and he needs to back up Bumrah here. If Hardik can quick one wicket here, AFG will be under huge pressure but they need to take half chances.

AFG 110/4 after 31 overs

Bumrah has opened up the game for India here and they need to keep on piling pressure on batsmen. They should not give loose balls to the batsmen to break the shackles.

AFG 106/4 after 29 overs

Two wickets in that over and it's that man Bumrah again. Pitched short into the body and Hashmatullah fended at it and it carried for Bumrah to take a good low catch. India is right back in this game.

AFG 106/3 after 28.4 overs

Big shot and Aleem Dar has pledged to not to give 50% benefit of the doubt to India and it was umpire's call but Chahal takes an absolute blinder to send back Rahmat and they don't need Dar's finger to raise this time.

AFG after 28 overs

Kuldeep enticing drives against Hashmatullah and India almost had a wicket in that over. India needs to bowl well in tandem to create pressure from both the ends.

AFG 104/2 after 27 overs

100 up for Afghanistan and India is panicking here. Kohli needs to regroup his boys and ask them to refocus. Afghanistan needs to continue its smart batting.

AFG 98/2 after 26 overs

Brilliant batting from Afghanistan and they have given themselves a big chance to cause the biggest upset of this world cup. It's Afghanistan's game to lose now.

AFG 91/2 after 25 overs

The third umpire was called but Hashmatullah got back his back foot back in the crease just in time. India is under immense pressure and captain Kohli's applying every trick to take wickets.

AFG 87/2 after 24 overs

Kuldeep Yadav with a good over but good overs are not enough here for the Indians. India needs to take at least two more wickets before Afghanistan's 100 runs on the board.

AFG 84/2 after 23 overs

Good bowling by Chahal to start his fresh spell but India needs wickets here and they are not being able to get that. The Indian team has been put under pressure after so long.

AFG 83/2 after 22 overs

Poor bowling from Kuldeep. Short ball on the stumps on this slow pitch and Hashmatullah pulled it for four. Kuldeep hasn't been able to bowl well under pressure here.

AFG 76/2 after 21 overs

Pandya is working good pace here and bowling in the good channel across off stump of Hashmatullah. Pandya needs to produce a brilliant spell here to bring India back into this game.

AFG 71/2 after 20 overs

Kuldeep needs to strike here and it will be interesting to see how he bowls when under pressure to attack every ball. Kuldeep needs to bowl well but he is not able to strike.

AFG 67/2 after 19 overs

Hardik has got the length perfect here and he is angling the ball away from Hashmatullah. India needs 2-3 wickets in the bunch to halt Afghanistan here. SPINNERS MUST STRIKE HERE.

AFG 66/2 agter 17 overs

big wicket in the form of Gulbadin by Pandya. The shot was sliced and Shankar took a nice catch. India desperately needed that wicket. Hashmatullah comes in next.

AFG 61/1 after 16 overs

Ball turned past the outside edge and Dhoni has taken the bails off but Rahmat's back foot was in the crease only. India struggling to pick wickets here.

AFG 56/1 after 14 overs

Good over from Kuldeep that one but they are not able to pick wickets and India needs to check the progress of Afghans. Chahal and Kuldeep are the main bowlers for India's hope.

AFG 55/1 after 13 overs

Chahal is bowling beautifully here but India needs wickets here and they need Chahal to pick wickets here. Pandya has given away 20 runs in 2 overs and Kohli needs to take him off.

AFG 54/1 after 12 overs

Hardik Pandya bowling poorly here. He's bowling half trackers here and being smashed here by Gulbadin Naib for back to back boundaries. Gulbadin has been the real thorn in India's efforts here.

AFG 42/1 after 11 overs

Chahal is being attacked here by Rahmat Shah and the short ball is helping him. Chahal needs to be tighter in his bowling and produce a match-winning spell here.

AFG 37/1 after 10 overs

Pandya comes in on the 10th over and Kohli is exploring all options here to pick wickets. India need not panic here and they are hoping their spinners will strike blows.

AFG 29/1 after 9 overs

Chahal introduced early in the powerplay and India is looking for wickets here. India should be patient with good balls and should back their bowlers to keep them in the game.

AFG 26/1 after 8 overs

Gulbadin playing on cautiously here and Indian should be wary of the fact that the batsmen are not playing expensive shots. India has to be patient here and should not chase dream deliveries.

AFG 21/1 after 7 overs

Bumrah back for his fourth over and he is looking to push the ball into the pads of Gulbadin. He is mixing his lengths nicely here and batsmen are in no hurry for required rate.

AFG 20/1 after 6.3 overs

Bowled'im. Wild swing across the line and Zazai is gone for 10 runs. Shami strikes here. Shami and Bumrah bowling well and they will hope to carry on striking regular now.

AFG 18/0 after 6 overs

lots of plays and misses from Gulbadin against Bumrah in that over and India will hope they will strike a couple of blows early to apply pressure on Afghanistan's middle order.

AFG 16/0 after 5 overs

India bowling well here but they are in desperate need of wickets here. They are seeking a cluster of wickets. Indian bowlers have stuck to good lines here and should be patient with their efforts here.

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