After winning a crucial toss, Afghanistan have chosen to bat first. It is going to be the 36th match of the ICC World Cup 2019 in which Pakistan will take on Afghanistan at Headingley Stadium. Sarfaraz Ahmed-led Pakistan will be eyeing to defeat tournament minnows and take two points which are must for the team. The team have won two consecutive victories against South Africa and New Zealand.

Pakistan is witnessing the same as the ten teams are right now in the group like it had in 1992 World Cup. The Sarfaraz Ahmed-led side opened the campaign with a loss and followed it up with a win, while their third match was washed out.

While Afghanistan team have lost all its games. The team have played an interesting game against India in the last match but failed to claim the victory.


Pakistan won the match

Pakistan won the match by 3-wickets. At the end of the game, Imad and Wahab Riaz successfully lead the team towards victory. Imad Wasim hist the four.


Run out, Shadab Khan. Pakistan need 21 from 23 balls. The team needs some partnership to lead the team to win. As the Afghans are leading in the game.

Pakistan need 48 runs in 36 balls

Pakistan need 48 runs off 36 balls. The Afghani spinners have shown tremendous discipline is sticking to their line and lengths and not straying away from it.


Imad Wasim hits four. Pakistan need 60 Runs In 49 balls. The Pakistani batsmen have failed to navigate spin today at all and so Gulbadin brings back Shinwari.

Sarfaraz gone

Sarfaraz run-out after scoring 18 runs. Sarfaraz throws away his wicket going for a second run. Pakistan need 72 runs off 66 balls. Next batsman Shadab Khan.

Rashid on fire

Maiden over by Rashid Khan. Pakistan need 83 runs but it seems the team is under pressure which need runs. Imad Wasim failed to get one run to change the strike.

Haris gone

Rashid removes Haris Sohail for 27 runs. Next batsman Imad Wasim joined Sarfaraz. Pakistan need 86 runs in 90 balls. Sarfaraz Ahmed 9.

After 31 overs, Pak 129/4

Shinwari bowls a low full toss and Sarfaraz hits it straight back at the bowler! However, Shinwari can't keep it in and Sarfaraz gets a lifeline.


Hafeez gone for 19 runs. Mujeeb Ur Rahman takes wicket after more than 50 run partnership. Next batsman Sarfaraz will join Haris Sohail. Pakistan Need 107 Runs In 125 Balls

Pakistan 108/3

Pakistan Need 115 Runs In 138 Balls. After 26 overs, Pakistan 108/3. Gulbadin brings himself back into the attack. Tidy over. Five singles off it.

After 23 overs, Pakistan 93/3

After 23 overs, Pakistan 93/3. Shinwari has just gave away 2 for the over. Afghan bowlers restricting both batsmen in the game but will see what Pakistan will do.

Pak 91 for 3

Just one run from the over. Nabi is up on the mark as he took two wickets in quick succession. The next bowler comes to Rashid Khan who too keeps Pakistan batsman in the pressure zone.

Pakistan Need 141 Runs In 180 Balls

Pakistan Need 141 Runs In 180 Balls. Nabi comes into the attack now. He has a big responsibility on his shoulders. In last over, he took Babar now eyes on Hafeez.

Haris Sohail joins Hafeez

Haris Sohail joins Hafeez. After the loss of 3 wickets, Pakistan has reduced to save the team from losing the match.

Babar gone

Babar gone for 45. Nabi gets another wicket as he gets the prised scalp of Babar Azam. Afghanistan are right back in the match as Pakistan lose three for 81.

Hafeez joins Babar

imam -ul-haq gone. Imam looked to release the pressure off him by trying to come down the track and smack Nabi down the ground but gets stumped by Ikram.

After 14 overs, Pakistan 64/1

Nabi kept it tight with his bowling. He is turning the ball sharply as evident from the two balls which turned sharply and just beat Imam's outside edge from the bat.

Mohammad Nabi to Babar

a slow delivery as babar takes the single but if Rahmat chose to hit directly to the wickets, the story may have consequences. Imam would been off the crease.

Pakistan completes 50 runs

Pakistan completes 50. The two batsmen have partnered 50 runs against Afghanistan. Pakistan Need 176 Runs In 236 Balls. Earlier in the day, fans clashed each other at the stadium.

Pakistan Need 184 Runs In 248 Balls

Pakistan Need 184 Runs In 248 Balls. Mujeeb is trying his best to put some pressure on Imam and Babar but failed so far. After 8 overs, Pakistan 42/1

Pak 38 for 1

Afghanistan are trying to build some pressure. Mujeeb gets the ball to get back in sharply, But the batsman is safe. The boundary for Imam. Pak 38 for 1.

LBW review

Pakistan need strong partnership for winning the game. The Afghans have taken a review for LBW will see the team will be able to pressurize Pakistan or not.

After 5 overs, Pakistan 30/1

Babar just opens the face of the bat and gets a four through third man. Mujeeb into his third over. Imam and Babar work the ball around for singles. Not trying anything fancy. Four runs off the over.


Babar hist four. The third man side where no player was there and batsman took the benefit of hitting the ball towards there. Pakistan need 207 runs in 279 balls

After 2 overs, Pakistan 10/1

After two overs, Pakistan scored 10 runs by losing 1 wicket of Fakhar. Imam plays with soft hands to get a four at fine-leg. Two singles follow. Seven runs off that over.

Babar joins Imam

Babar Azam joins Imam. Babar had played an outstanding inning in the last match against New Zealand. The team need runs, will be interesting to see the game between two teams.


Pakistan lost Fakhar early. Mujeeb Ur Rahman strikes early, gets Fakhar Zaman out for 0. Pakistan need partnership if they want survive in the game.

Fakhar Zaman, Imam-ul-Haq lead Pakistan innings

Imam-ul-Haq and Fakhar Zaman are taking the Pakistan innings. The team have to score 228 runs in 50 overs if they want to come for semi-finals.

Afghan set total of 228 runs

Afganistan have set the target of 228 runs. Pakistan will play the second innings to take on the Afghan bowlers. Will be interesting to see the chasing total.


Wahab removes Hamid Hassan. Afg lost its 9th wicket. Wahab Riaz bowls with the wicket as the bowlers have one more over to complete the first innings.

After 48 overs, Afghanistan 218/8

After 48 overs,Afghanistan 218/8. Amir bowls a successful over. Pakistan will now be looking to clinch all 10 wickets of Afghanistan.


Rashid Khan gone. Saheen Afridi claimed the wicket as the fourth wicket for the bowler. He has made 8 runs for 12 balls. The next batsman comes Hamid Hassan.

Shaheen to Rashid

Shaheen is taking on Rashid Khan. Rashid has the quality to hit the ball with force. The team need runs and Pakistan need wickets. He dons the helicopter shot and that fetches him four runs

After 45 overs, Afghanistan 203/7

Zadran was looking for the big shots but he doesn't get the right timing and drags on the fourth delivery to walk back to the pavilion. This is third wicket of the innings.


Shaheen Afridi gets the breakthrough, his third wicket and that's the end of Najibullah. The batsman has played a crucial role while crossing the 200- run mark.

200 for Afghans

Afghanistan has crossed 200 runs as the team may lead the 230 target. 5 singles from the over as he finishes his quota taking one wicket in his 10 overs and giving away 44 runs.

Afghanistan 190/6

Afganistan batsmen are making runs by taking singles. They may play all the overs in the first innings as the two fixers are ruling the pitch.

After 41 overs, Afg 185 for 6

Afghans are an inch closer to 200 runs. The two batsmen are making runs while taking singles and are changing the strike to set a high total against Pakistan

After 39 overs, Afg 181/6

Wahab dons with yorkers but still, they don't result in any wickets but it's good thinking from the pacer. He's looking for wickets. Just three runs from the over.


Zadran once again with the reverse-sweep to find the boundary as Imad throws low full-toss and he gets it away successfully.


Pakistan removes another wicket. Nabi gone and was removed by Wahab. Afghanistan has lost now its 6th wicket. Afghanistan 176 for 6. Samiullah Shinwari joins

Pressure on batsmen

A pressure shot from the batsman. Just dealing in singles right now. Three runs from the over. The Afghan batsmen need runs which will come after throwing pressure away.

AFG 145 for 5

Afghanistan 145 for 5. Now the drinks time has been started. Afghans need more runs so that the team can take on Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

Amir again

Pakistan has again taken onboard the pacers like Amir after the strike. The tragedy to Afghans in the game is still understanding. The team need runs to set a good target.


Zadran hits four. The plan seems to bowling the short-pitched deliveries to the body and try for that wicket from a pull shot. Too high from the pacer as he bowls two wides apart from conceding two singles.

After 28 overs, Afg 126/5

Shadab at his best. One more wicket here and Afghanistan will have it tough to even come close to the 200-run mark. Just one run from the over.

Afghan, Pakistan fans clash with each other

Some ugly scenes at the match between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Fans of both teams fight with each other. The security personnel have thrown them out of the ground.

Najibullah Zadran joins Nabi

Najibullah Zadran and Mohammad Nabi are the last one in the team who can lead the team with few runs. The pressure is now on Mohammad Nabi. Just two runs and a wicket from Imad's over.

Ikram Ali gone

Pakistan takes down Afghanistan as the team lost its fifth wicket in just 125 runs. The team need partnership so that it can take the team upto 230 above.

Mohammad Nabi joins Ikram Ali

Mohammad Nabi joins Ikram Ali. The ball is turning and anything above 230 could be a tricky chase especially with Afghanistan's trio of high-quality spinners.

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