Tuesday, November 28, 2023

IDF releases footage of soldiers chasing, killing Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Be’eri

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In retaliation to the Hamas attack on Israel, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) is striking down the Hamas terrorists to secure Israeli civilians in the Kibbutz Be’eri near the Southern Israel Border. In a video footage shared by IDF, soldiers were seen chasing Hamas terrorists and neutralizing them within minutes. IDF shared a video on X, saying, “Watch this never-before-seen footage of combat soldiers from the IDF’s Shaldag Unit operating to neutralize terrorists and rescue the civilians of Kibbutz Be’eri.”

It added, “In the footage, you can see the IDF soldiers firing at the terrorists’ vehicle, killing the driver who then lost control of the vehicle. The unit’s soldiers then killed the other terrorists in the cell who tried to escape. At the same time as the counterterrorism activities, you can see IDF special forces rescuing the residents of Kibbutz Be’eri.”

Meanwhile, the IDF is preparing for the ground offensive in Gaza under which the Israeli tanks and infantry targeted numerous terrorist cells and destroyed Hamas launch posts in Gaza.

Taking to X, IDF said, “In preparation for the next stages of combat, the IDF operated in northern Gaza. IDF tanks & infantry struck numerous terrorist cells, infrastructure, and anti-tank missile launch posts. The soldiers have since exited the area and returned to Israeli territory.”

Reiterating his words, “Israel is in a battle for its existence”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his goal against the Hamas war is “saving the nation” and promises that a ground incursion to destroy Hamas in Gaza will start soon, The Times of Israel reported on Wednesday.
He says Israel is getting ready for a ground operation, but will not share when or how. He says he will not share the range of considerations involved.

“We are preparing for a ground incursion. I won’t specify when, how, how many. I also won’t detail the range of considerations, most of which the public is not aware of. And that’s the way it is supposed to be. This is the way, so that we protect our soldiers’ lives.”

In an address to the nation, PM Netanyahu said, “Israel is in the midst of a fight for our existence. The war’s two aims are “to eliminate Hamas by destroying its military and governance capabilities, and to do everything possible to get our hostages back.”

According to The Times of Israel, PM added, “All Hamas members are dead men walking — above and below ground, inside and outside Gaza. Together with Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, Minister Benny Gantz, the security cabinet, the chief of staff and heads of the security organizations, we are working around the clock in order to achieve the war aims until victory, and doing so without political considerations.”

The goal is “saving the nation, achieving victory.” Thousands of terrorists have been killed, he says, “and that is only the beginning.”

Netanyahu says there was a unanimous decision about the timing of the ground incursion. “The timing of the operation was determined unanimously by the war cabinet and the chief of staff,” he says.
“We will extract the full price from those murderers, those perpetrators of atrocities… from Hamas-Daesh,” in the ground invasion, he says, The Times of Israel reported. He again called on Gazan noncombatants to head to southern Gaza.

He said the huge pain of the loss of 1,400 people in the Hamas onslaught is not forgotten, referring to “our brothers and sisters who were slaughtered in cold blood and who fell in heroic battles” against the predators.

He added the days of mourning will be called in memory of those killed in the assault.
And he vows that the devastated southern kibbutzim and communities will be rebuilt.
The prime minister stresses that that government ministries are coming up with plans to take care of the displaced in Israel, and to take care of the rest of the population “just like we did during COVID.”

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