Thursday, November 30, 2023

If They Consume Liquor, They Die: CM Nitish on Hooch Tragedy

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Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, was under intense criticism for his allegedly unsuccessful excise strategy on Thursday when he told reporters waiting for his statement on the 39 people who have died so far in the Chhapra hooch catastrophe that “if someone who consumes spurious liquor will die.”

He said that the state’s prohibition policy had benefited many individuals and that his actions were responsible for a significant number of people giving up alcohol. “Many individuals have benefited from the alcohol ban. Many people have stopped drinking alcohol… That’s great. Many people have cheerfully agreed to this. However, certain people cause difficulties. I’ve instructed the police to track down and arrest the real troublemakers “In Patna, Kumar spoke to the reporters.

“I’ve advised the police to avoid capturing the underprivileged. People who manufacture and sell alcohol should be apprehended “added Kumar.

Added the chief minister: “I’m willing to offer each person Rs. 1 lakh so they may start their own business. No one should enter the alcoholic beverage industry, but we will increase the quantity if necessary.”

“Someone once suggested that those who died after consuming spurious alcohol should receive compensation. If someone will die if they take spurious alcohol – an example is before us. This should be regretted, those locations should be visited, and those responsible for the activity should be informed of the consequences, “added Nitish Kumar.

The first fatality occurred late on Tuesday in a hospital in Chhapra, and as of Thursday, 39 people had passed away.

Yogendra Kumar, a Marhaura Sub-Divisional Police Officer, recommended that Masrakh Station House Officer (SHO) Ritesh Mishra and Constable Vikesh Tiwari be suspended as a result of the incident.

Sunil Kumar, the excise minister for Bihar, promised on Wednesday to take harsh measures against those guilty for the fatalities.

“The FIR filing procedure is under progress. SP and I had spoken over the phone “explained Sunil Kumar.

The Nitish Kumar administration outlawed the sale and use of alcohol in Bihar in April 2016.

After the opposition attacked the chief minister of Bihar in the state legislature on Wednesday, hours after the first few deaths from Chhapra were revealed, Nitish Kumar lost his composure and yelled at the BJP leaders.

As Leader of the Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha questioned the state’s policies on the prohibition of alcohol since 2016, the head of Janata Dal-United criticised the BJP for denouncing the deaths.

In the House, Nitish Kumar lost his cool and yelled, “Sharabi ho gaye ho tum… (you are inebriated)” at the BJP MLAs.

Later, opposition members from Bihar organised a protest outside the state legislature in response to the event.

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