‘If you are happy and confident about your talent, then you should showcase it’: Singer Muskan Modi

20 January, 2021 | newsx bureau

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of NewsX India A-List, Singer Muskan Modi speaks to us about her singing journey and her passion for Indian classical music.

On her path to win hearts with her melodious voice, Singer Muskan Modi  recently joined us for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. In the heart-to-heart conversation, Muskan not only spoke about her singing journey and her passion for Indian classical music but also how her parents and teachers have been a strong pillar of support. 

Speaking about her journey, Muskan said, “I started at the age of 4. It was a great experience. Initially you feel that whatever you do is great. When you go to school, teachers are the starting. They tell you if you are good at something or not. We should never forget them-wherever we go and whatever heights we reach. They were the ones who told me that this is something i can build my career in. It was a great journey. I used to sing, go for inter-school solo competitions, inter-school group competitions, i used to also sing at the events, which used to happen at school. I loved it.”

Muskan has been one of the lucky ones to sing in front of her idols, i.e Ms Anuradha Podwal. Reminiscing the experience, she expressed, “That experience was one of my biggest achievements. When i was 18, i shifted to Dubai. I sort of felt disconnected but Indian classical music kept me stay connected to my roots in India. When i was learning Indian classical music, there was a event called Maha Utsav and Ms Anuradha Podwal jee was the chief guest. I got to sing in front of her. There was a time when i and her were in the green room. I started humming and she complimented me that you know your voice is great. So, even 2-3 words of encouragement like these, become the biggest thing for you.” 

A strong advocate for women empowerment, Muskan found her inspiration in Bollywood film ‘Secret Superstar’. Sharing her key takeaways from the film, Muskan said, “I guess everyone has seen Secret Superstar. It just conveys the message how some people have talent but don’t get enough support. In that situation, they feel like maybe they are doing something wrong but they should be confident. If something brings you happiness and people close to you are happy with it, then you are doing something really good. It doesn’t matter what others say. If you are happy and you are confident about it then you should go with it. The film also spreads the message of women empowerment. I feel like there is talent in the world, but they do not get enough support from their family. Family gives support and children gain support from that. If someone’s family is not supporting them, they should not let themselves down. Women, as we know,they are getting a place in the society but they should do something for themselves, show that they have talent and show that we can do something great with it. I just wish that young girls listen to this message and get motivated. Whatever talent it might be, it doesn’t matter what their age is, they should be confident about it and do it.” 

When asked what is it that keeps her grounded and connected to her roots Muskan responded, “Indian classical music is something which keeps me grounded every single second, every single minute. Even if something bad or unpleasant happens, i know if i listen to Indian classical music, i’ll be fine. So, i will always be connected to the roots and wouldn’t forget what our culture is all about.” 

On a parting note, Muskan expressed her gratitude towards her parents and teachers who motivated her to take up singing professionally and said, “My parents were very supportive and i am very lucky to have them. If we are happy, our parents automatically find their happiness in us. I remember there was an event, my dad just went to the orchestra and said that my daughter will sing. He took me by a surprise. I was nervous, yet excited. After i sang, i received huge applause. So, whatever you do, it may be small or big, if somebody appreciates you, you really feel good about it. I am really thankful to my parents as well as my teachers. I am very thankful to everyone who has been a part of this journey.”