IIT Alumni Council to replace all China-based systems and softwares

1 July, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

IIT Delhi Science & Technology

IIT Alumni Council are aiming to develop systems that will eliminate Chinese softwares. It is also seeking replacements for these programs.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)¬†Alumni Council on Wednesday said that all programs including MegaLab would neutralize all Chinese software after the Indian Government’s decision to ban all Chinese mobile apps. The Council said that it has already begun developing creative systems to exterminate Chinese apps from the web stores and as for replacing them with Indian apps, it has been working around the clock alongside its Institutes.

Ravi Sharma, president and chief volunteer of the IIT Alumni Council, said that they have begun working on homegrown applications after Prime Minister’s call for a self-dependant India. He said that they are very confident about releasing world-class systems and softwares with continued support from the worldwide IIT Alumni community as well as working side-by-side with other Institutes such as Mumbai University and ICT Mumbai, both known for their technical superiority throughout the world. He is sure that they would not only achieve the aim of self-sustainability but that their systems would also reach other parts of the world.

Pawan Kumar, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, founder of the branded IIT Alumni movement in 2002 said that banning Chinese apps is the right decision. It is well known that the Indian software industry is fully armed to win in any market on a level playing field. He is more than sure that, in the current context, Indian software and system makers will rise up to the occasion and soon launch self-made alternatives to the Indian as well as the world market.

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BK Syngal, an IIT alumnus and ex-CMD of VSNL said that the government’s injunction on Chinese applications is a welcome step, better late than never. He said that it is time to stop Trojan Horses full of pollutants, fascinating our people, country. He added that the Indian software industry is one of the best in the world, and will entertain this step by the government as a big opportunity to show their aptitude, skill and innovative approach and that this is the time for the software engineers of India to take over the world, and showcase India. Be vocal and buy local is a real slogan.

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Sanjay Sahay, IPS, investigating officer – data security working group of IIT Alumni Council and Ex-ADG in-charge of Karnataka Police Computer Wing said that Chinese software and apps are becoming quite prone to malware and thus, becoming security and privacy issues for the whole country and there have been concerns over security as well as privacy with several Chinese apps/software. In a broken system, every decision has a multifarious effect that cannot be solved later on. As such, the banning of Chinese apps is a step in the right direction. Indigenous systems and apps with well-built privacy and security safeguards are the best solutions for India.

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