Sunday, December 10, 2023

Imran Khan’s appeal to CEC for neutral supervision, demands early elections

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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan suggested on Tuesday that general elections should be held in the country under the supervision of a neutral chief election commissioner (CEC).

He claimed that the “chosen” administration was pushed on the population by planning and plotting, therefore, an election must be conducted as soon as possible, or democracy will suffer a major blow.

Khan, on the other hand, stated that the elections should be overseen by a qualified chief election commissioner (CEC). This comes after he referred to CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja as the PML-N’s agent last week.

He also stated that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-(PTI) Insaf’s administration was overthrown as a result of a conspiracy and that a committee should be constituted to investigate the incident under the chairmanship of Pakistan’s chief judge.

Khan added saying that he is not anti-America or any other country when asked about the role of the US in guaranteeing his ouster through the no-confidence motion.

He believes that US frequently instigates regime change for its own profit, not the interest of the countries concerned while claiming foreign plans for removing him from the position.

Furthermore, he added saying that he has the evidence against those who had been visiting the US embassy in Pakistan on a regular basis.

He claims that Hussain Haqqani met Nawaz Sharif in London and devised this plot.

Earlier, PTI has held multiple protests around the country against the US for allegedly orchestrating a “foreign conspiracy” to depose Imran Khan, who was deposed after the Opposition’s no-confidence vote was carried in the National Assembly.

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