In the trader market, Hariprasad K throws light on his journey in the field of trading

1 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Hariprasad K Business

Hariprasad K leads a firm by the name of Live Long Wealth. He strongly believes that the art of trading must be known by all and that financial independence should be recognised by each and every y...

An investor, Hariprasad K has built his career out of sheer hard work and dedication. Nothing more than weary days and exhausted mind had ever happened to him until he became successful and renowned in the industry. Leading a firm by the name of Live Long Wealth, Hariprasad K believes that the art of trading must be known by all and that financial independence should be recognised by each and every youngster. With an aim to teach the youth of the country regarding financial freedom, Hariprasad K was himself a financially independent person when he was in his college days. That said, his firm also provides services of investment, trading, and other related services to its clients.

As maintaining clients and customers is a crucial task, Hariprasad K believes in fostering a sense of loyalty and dedication towards his firm’s clients and serving them as per their needs and expectations. Yet all these strategies that he has adopted so far are a result of the priceless experience that he has gained throughout his journey in the field of trading. Talking about his journey, he throws light on the lessons that he has learnt and also shares some tips for those who aspire to become successful like him.

Learning about the stock market at a young age, Hariprasad K developed a keen interest like his other colleagues and went on to understand the subject fully. This made him go beyond his limits and soon, he began to practice the skill of trading and investing in shares. Through ups and downs that came his way, he learnt all the lessons that came as a result of his failures and never let go of any concept untouched. This fuelled him even more to set his goals, work accordingly, and become successful. To achieve financial freedom so as to gain independence in handling his expenses, Hariprasad K began trading. The first two years, however, were crucial as he was only exploring the field and didn’t know much of the tricks. Still, he continued to grow and work hard as he was determined. Reading about the famous investors who had succeeded before, he learnt that all of these professionals had a set of strategies that defined their goals and influenced their decision-making power. Thus, he formed his own strategies and started to swear by them.

 Later, he bagged an opportunity to work at a reputed firm called Futures First Bangalore. Thus, opened the gateway for him to shine on further. The power of technology triggered his success as he was able to gather the whereabouts of his profession. Knowing about the profession, he aimed at the target of competing with himself and refining his skills furthermore. Not only did this push him forward, but it also paved the way for his success. From then on, he became a renowned personality in the field and was no longer just an employee in the field of trading.  

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