Wednesday, November 29, 2023

India Repatriates 5 Bangladeshis apprehended on Border

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Five Bangladeshi people, including two women and two children, have been repatriated to their home country after being captured by the Border Security Force (BSF) while attempting to cross the international border between the two nations.

On Monday at 8:30 am, the BSF turned these five Bangladeshi nationals over to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), the force announced on Tuesday. The five Bangladeshi nationals were detained by BSF personnel stationed at Border Out Post Madhupur, within the South Bengal Frontier, for allegedly crossing the international border unlawfully.

The BSF said that one of the Bangladeshi women admitted during questioning that she had brought her entire family into India illegally from Bangladesh in order to receive better care for her mother, but the BSF had detained them all at the border.

As a show of compassion and goodwill, the BGB was given to the detained Bangladeshi people.

The BSF is taking rigorous precautions, according to the 68 Battalion’s commanding officer, to stop infiltration at the Indo-Bangladesh Border.

Some innocent Bangladeshis are securely turned over to the BGB “considering the gravity of the crime of the captured persons and to maintain the mutual cooperation and goodwill of the Border Guarding Force of both nations.”

Due to sporadic problems, the BSF, which is tasked with policing the 4,096 km border between India and Bangladesh, sends the unlawful intruder back to the BGB.

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