India Approves ‘Limited Immunity Waiver’ To Its Diplomat in the UK

24 July, 2023 | Anamika Singh Parihar

India World

India has approved "Limited Diplomatic Immunity Waiver" to its diplomat stationed in UK in connection with the investigation into attack on Indian mission by Pro-Khalistan supporters.

In connection with the inquiry into the attack on the Indian mission by pro-Khalistan supporters in March, India has approved a ‘limited diplomatic immunity waiver’ for its diplomats stationed in the United Kingdom. Once the investigation enters the trial phase, the ‘in principle waiver will take effect.

To grant witnesses and complainants posted at the Indian mission ‘diplomatic immunity waiver’ as part of their investigation into the attack on the Indian embassy, the London Police approached the Indian government, according to sources.

The London Police are investigating the case of an attack on the Indian consulate. They approached the Indian Government for the ‘diplomatic immunity waiver’ for the witnesses and complaints posted on the Indian mission, according to officials.

Diplomatic immunity is granted on a reciprocal basis and it is meant to exempt diplomats from the laws of the foreign jurisdiction.

India wants the UK government to investigate the London attack thoroughly and establish a precedent for other countries. In May this year, a team of NIA visited the country for further probe into the matter. To encourage public identification of the perpetrators, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is looking into the attack, has published videos.

In the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and other countries, there is an expanding network of Sikh radicals, and the government is stepping up measures to dissuade and combat them. Look-out notices are been issued by Indian authorities against the attackers.

United Kingdom is not the only country but Indian missions and consulates in other countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia has seen a chain of attacks by Pro-Khalistan supporter. Various temples have been vandalized in some of these countries by Khalistan supporters. India is in regular contact with these nations to tackle the issue of radicalization and attacks. India is concerned about its people living in these countries.