India celebrates Doctors Day: PM salutes medical fraternity

1 July, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a special address on occasion of National Doctors Day today. He expressed that the knowledge and experience of our doctors has helped the country battle Covid...

In the past 2 years, the world has witnessed unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What seemed almost like a battle for lives with no manual on how to fight the opponent was confronted by the brave and relentless superheroes on the frontline, i.e doctors. On the occasion of National Doctors Day, Team India proudly recognises and extends gratitude to the entire doctor community.

As the country at large celebrates the doctors’ community, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also saluted doctors for their tireless efforts against Covid-19. In his address, PM said that the knowledge and experience of our doctors has helped the country battle Covid-19. The budget allocation for the health sector has also increased.

PM’s address on Doctors’ Day comes in the wake of several attacks on the doctor community. Despite the fact that several doctors lost their lives while fighting against the pandemic on ground zero and have been helping the country steer ahead with their scientific knowledge and commitment towards saving lives.

National Doctors Day is celebrated on July 1st across India to celebrate and honour the legendary physician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. The occasion holds prime importance especially at a time, when the doctor community has saved lakhs of lives against the deadly virus.