Wednesday, November 29, 2023

India-China border talks on March 11: Wang Yi hits out at Quad

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India and China are all set to hold the 15th round of corps commander level talks on March 11. The focus of the border talks will be to resolve tensions at the remaining friction points in Eastern Ladakh. While the 14th round of talks did not yeild any positive outcome, the two countries have managed to de-escalate the tensions in areas like North and South Pangong, Galwan and Gogra Hot Springs area in the past 22 months.

The latest round of talks will take place at Chulshul Moldo meeting point in Ladakh. Both the sides now will now focus on achieving resolution on the remaining friction areas.

Speaking about the unresolved tensions between India and China, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday expressed that setbacks in India China relations do not suit both the countries. Emphasising the boundary question should not affect the relationship between the two countries, Wang Yi stated, “China has long advocated managing differences through equal–footed consultations, actively seeking a fair and equitable settlement while not letting it affect or interfere with the bigger picture of bilateral cooperation.”

Wang Yi also took an opportunity to take a dig at Quad and alleged that US is trying to create Asian NATO to suppress Beijing. He said that the US is staging a ‘5 (Five eyes) 4 (Quad) 3 (AUKUS) 2 (bilateral military alliances) posture’ in the Asia Pacific and it is by no means a blessing but a sinister move. He added these perverse actions run counter to common aspirations of the region and are doomed to fail.

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