India-China Standoff: Talks continue at Galwan and Hot Springs, de-escalation in sight

15 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Continuous rounds of talks across the Line of Actual Control at India China border has led to limited disengagement of troops, and some militaristic withdrawal from Eastern Ladakh, say army sources.

Looking to resolve the dispute over Chinese military buildup India and China are holding talks at the Brigade Commander and Battalion Commander level in Eastern Ladakh in Galwan valley area and Hot Springs. Army sources said there has been disengagement between Indian and Chinese troops at more locations where they had been in standoff positions for last many weeks now.

“There has been limited disengagement of troops at more locations due to the continuous rounds of talks going on between the two sides,” they said. Sources said that after the June 6 talks between Military commanders followed by other rounds of talks, there has not been any considerable build-up activity by both sides and Chinese aggressive behaviour has also been toned down, they said.

No incident of any face-off between the troops of the two sides has been reported after the talks started between the two armies, sources said. At the military commanders’ talks between the two Armies, they had agreed to hold parleys at the Patrolling point 14 (Galwan area), Patrolling point 15 and Hot Springs area.

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The Chinese Army had earlier pulled back its troops from the Galwan valley, PP-15 and Hot Springs in Eastern Ladakh area by 2 to 2.5 kilometres, they said.

The Indian side has also brought back some of its troops and vehicles from these areas. Sources said talks are being held on these points at the Battalion commander level on these locations and they have had hotline talks with their counterparts.

The initial talks were being held in those areas. The Chinese activities had started in Eastern Ladakh from this location only, they said.

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