Thursday, November 30, 2023

India criticises Pakistan for comments before the UNHRC and denounces “unwarranted comparisons” in OIC statement

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India has asked the UN Human Rights Council to push Islamabad to take serious steps to eliminate its state-sponsored terrorism and demolish the terrorist infrastructure in the areas it controls. India has slammed Pakistan for “again exploiting” the UNHRC platform to spread its “malicious propaganda.”

First Secretary of India’s Permanent Mission in Geneva Pawan Kumar Badhe rejected Pakistan’s comments, saying, “They don’t deserve our answer.” India also disagreed with “the factually wrong and unjustified statements” made against it in the OIC’s statement (OIC).

In exercising its right to reply to Pakistan’s declaration, India said that Islamabad had a dismal track record of advancing and defending the human rights of its citizens. Its horrific history of genocide in what was then East Pakistan and is now Bangladesh, almost 50 years ago, is well known and does not require reiteration.
In its blunt reaction, Badhe said that Pakistan’s boldness in acting as a self-described torchbearer for the human rights of the Indian people is revolting. He said that the majority of terrorists who are outlawed globally had been operating freely in Pakistan.

“Thus, Pakistan is accountable for infringing on the most fundamental human right—the right to life—of their innocent victims, endangering the peace and security of not only my nation but also the whole region. We implore the Council and its procedures to demand that Pakistan take action to cease state-sponsored terrorism and destroy terrorist infrastructure in the areas it controls “added Badhe.

He claimed that when it comes to protecting minorities’ right to freedom of religion or belief, Pakistan has one of the poorest records.

“The tragic reality for Pakistan’s Hazara, Shia, Ahmadiya, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian minorities includes extrajudicial executions, rape, kidnapping, forced conversion to Islam, forced marriage of young girls, and attacks on sites of worship. Religious intolerance has been fostered by discriminatory laws and the law enforcement community’s willful indifference, which has resulted in unending victimisation of minorities “he said.

According to Badhe, it is past time for the Council and its institutions to hold Pakistan accountable for the institutionalised discrimination and systematic oppression of its religious and racial minorities.

“Pakistan has utilised extrajudicial kidnappings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detentions, and torture as instruments of state policy to persecute dissent and target human rights advocates, political activists, students, and journalists. People in places like Balochistan have been persecuted and subjected to political and other forms of repression for decades “he said.

“Therefore, Pakistan would be wise to take care of its own affairs before criticising others. If Pakistan had addressed Pakistan’s deteriorating human rights situation in its remarks, the Council would have benefited “he added.

According to Badhe, OIC has not managed to stop Pakistan from abusing its forums.

“We disagree with the OIC’s statement’s inaccurate and inappropriate allusions to India. We regret that the OIC nations, with whom we have strong connections, have not been able to stop Pakistan from abusing OIC venues to spread false information against India “he added.

In its remarks during the general session of the UN Human Rights Council, Pakistan mentioned Jammu & Kashmir. In addition, it sent an envoy to speak on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the Council.

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