Tuesday, November 28, 2023

India “deeply disappointed” truce in Yemen not extended

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The internationally recognised government of Yemen and the Houthi rebels, who are supported by Iran, broke their cease-fire on October 2. “India is profoundly saddened to discover that the parties have not agreed to an extension and expansion of the truce,” stated India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, at a United Nations Security Council meeting on Yemen.

According to Kamboj, a “peacefully negotiated, Yemeni-led and Yemeni-owned political resolution” that prioritises the welfare of all Yemenis and satisfies their legitimate ambitions is the only long-term solution to the war.

The ambassador emphasised that it is time for the warring parties to adopt a human-centric approach to the conflict and not just regard it as a military or political game. He expressed his appreciation for the Government of Yemen’s commitment to executing the truce accords in good faith.

“We take note that discussions on the restoration of the truce, assisted by the Special Envoy, are under progress, and we hope that a mutually suitable solution is quickly reached,” she added.

India was grateful for the Yemeni government’s willingness to consider the Special Envoy’s suggestions. India pleaded for Ansarallah (the Houthi movement) to show similar adaptability and cooperate with the Special Envoy in a positive manner.

India also urged the sides to uphold the spirit of the ceasefire and avoid military action or any provocations that would result in the return of active hostilities.

Already, the battle has put millions of civilians in danger of chronic food shortages, added to the suffering of the populace, especially women and children, and caused an unparalleled humanitarian calamity in Yemen.

In the last six months, Kamboj said at a UNSC meeting, “We have seen the tangible benefits of the truce: active military operations had stopped; cross-border strikes into Yemen’s neighbours had ceased; civilian casualties had decreased significantly; fuel imports through Hudaydah port had eased shortages, and international commercial flights out of Sana’a airport had resumed.”

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