Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“Culture, Science Must Complement Each Other”: Defence Minister on Chandrayaan-3 Success

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India’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, has lauded the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission as a reflection of India’s evolving social, cultural, and scientific landscape. Speaking about the nation’s achievements in the space sector, Singh emphasized that the triumph of Chandrayaan-3 is not an isolated event but a testament to India’s broader development.

According to an official statement from the Ministry of Defence, Singh praised the robust scientific ecosystem emerging in India, asserting that it demonstrates the growth of science education in schools and colleges, as well as the production of quality products by industries. He acknowledged that previous governments had also made efforts in this regard and extended congratulations to everyone contributing to the development of scientific thinking in the country.

Singh characterized Chandrayaan-3 as a monumental achievement for India, highlighting that despite having limited resources, the nation had become the first to reach the Moon’s South Pole. He attributed this achievement to the intellectual prowess and dedication of scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), asserting that India has become a leading nation in the field of science due to their relentless efforts.

The Defence Minister also pointed out that India had launched 389 of the 424 foreign satellites in the last nine years, underscoring the rapid rise of India’s space sector on the global stage.

In addition to highlighting the importance of science, Singh stressed the equal significance of culture. He emphasized the government’s commitment to giving due importance to both aspects, emphasizing that culture and science are complementary.

Singh quoted Martin Luther King, stating, “Science gives man knowledge, which is power. Religion gives man wisdom, which is control,” emphasizing the need for a balance between culture and science.

He also reflected on India’s rich cultural heritage, emphasizing that culture is essential for a nation’s identity and security. Cultural security, he stated, is just as important as border, space, cyber, economic, and other forms of security.

Singh stated that to move the nation forward, India must draw inspiration from its own culture, which promotes inclusive values and the brotherhood of humanity. He cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message of “One World, One Family, One Future” as a testament to India’s commitment to global brotherhood.

Regarding the Chandrayaan-3 mission, the Defence Minister acknowledged the contribution of India’s “Nari Shakti” (women power) and described the “Nari Shakti Vandan” Bill as a token of gratitude to women scientists at ISRO and the entire female scientific community.

Finally, Singh underscored the practical benefits of space missions, including improved weather predictions for farmers and enhanced disaster preparedness. He noted that such missions inspire young minds across India and nurture their scientific curiosity.

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