India has limitless opportunities in e-commerce sector: Babu Sivadasan, CEO and Founder

23 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

Babu Sivadasan A List

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX for its special series NewsX India A-List, Babu Sivadasan spoke about his start-up, and automation changing the era.

NewsX was recently joined by the co-founder and CEO of Jiffy.Ai, Babu Sivadasan for an exclusive interview in NewsX special segment, A-list series. Talking about the new world of automation, the Founder and CEO of Jiffy.Ai briefed about automation as a concept. Further, he explained the mission of his start-up where he said that the organization hopes to power a lot of the midland back office that brings a tremendous amount of resiliency.

“What that happened over the last, this year when COVID is on hike and things like the fundamental assumption that enterprise application we are built in the past around people are to sit in the midland back office and designed for them to be operated by them. That fundamental assumption is going away. For this one need much more nimble, much more resilient infrastructure in the middle and back-office now where people are there or not they need to run. We are powering a whole new set of midland back-office applications, and using that capability is what we do today and that we have done for a number of fortune companies already. We are very excited about the possibilities of continuing to drive that path within large enterprises.”

Babu Sivadasan by quoting an example explained the working of Jiffy.Ai, which simplifies working for the companies that they work with. He explained that their technology enables that processing in a very secure way, so it is technology and machines and algorithms doing that work and automating that process.

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Focusing on Automation, he focuses on a structured discipline program internally so that they, where there is a lot of advancement in AI but, the programs that are available don’t really relate to what the organization’s need. So within our organization, we have a disciplined program where we take them through a fully developed curriculum and trying to bring the program to the outside world. Now we will have some that are scheduled to come out next year, where we wanted to get students that are coming out graduating and bring them through a course, a program and prepare them for the enterprise within the enterprise, keeping in mind the needs. Though there are a lot of programs out there that enable you and make you ready for the skills now that are necessary you need a discipline program.

While talking about data security which has continued to be a serious issue, Babu Sivadasan marking it very important said that “some of the advancements that are happening in automation and things like that and actually make it a much more secure environment in the past. Now you are relying on people as he mentioned that you didn’t know before with sensitive pieces of information for validation and verification and things like that. You’re eliminating that within the technologies like automation and Ai where machines are doing it now, by background he built a fabulous enterprise you know largest wealth management technology out there, and when you process you know four trillion dollars worth of assets and things like that now calls for different security infrastructure, this is the background we all come from. So putting in place processes and procedures that enable you to operate a highly secure environment governed by compliance requirements, so making sure each and every step now that you follow, you document them very clearly, follow them rigorously, even for a startup, that we operate. Even though we are small startup, we operate when it comes to data security, safety, privacy and things like that, the Jiffy.Ai operates like an established firm, thereby taking responsibility very seriously.”

He then shared his views on the tech startups in India. He said, “Last 10 years if we look at it then no. Of opportunities that we have for the young country, it’s tremendous. The ability to look at consumers, then we have a young workforce, and not constrained in any way by legacy. We are adapting to new startups and environments. We have limitless opportunities in the consumer sector, e-commerce, and even in enterprise space.” The aspects that Babu Sivadasan considers while investing in a company as a venture capitalist are trustworthiness, resiliency, and character, the ability to overcome. At last, by signing off, he accepts that the future definitely lies in AI. And the typical misconceptions about what it does to the jobs. It is a positive change and genuine too. All you need is a deep sense of social responsibility with the approach.

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