Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘India is Seen As Problem Solver’, Says EAM Jaishankar

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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, addressing the G20 University Connect finale, emphasized India’s robust economic growth and its increasing influence on the global stage, underlining the country’s role as a problem solver and bridge builder. Speaking virtually at the event, he drew attention to India’s successful hosting of the G20 Summit, which culminated in the adoption of the New Delhi Declaration.

EAM Jaishankar noted that India’s growing economy, technological advancements, and talent pool have played a pivotal role in its elevation as a solution provider on the international stage. He underscored the importance of democratic governance practices championed by strong and dedicated leadership that prioritizes national interests and subscribes to the principle of Vasudeva Kutumbakam, which means “the world is one family.”

The External Affairs Minister highlighted the unique focus of this year’s G20 Summit, which was hosted by India. He emphasized the commitment to address global skill imbalances and create more opportunities for all. Jaishankar stated, “This is the first of its kind of G20 of equal interest to all of you, would be the G20 commitment to undertake global skill demography. Quantum plating the world with confidence such endeavors will help widen the doors of opportunity for all of you and global countries. When we say, one world, one family, one future, the world believes it.”

He also stressed India’s role in the G20’s commitment to address global skill gaps, provide sustainable social protection, and develop policy options for financing social protection.

EAM highlighted India’s contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the ‘Vaccine Maitri’ initiative, which solidified India’s image as a reliable first responder in emergencies. He commended India’s reputation as the “pharmacy of the world” for supplying vaccines to 72 nations.

In his speech, EAM Jaishankar emphasized that the world recognizes India’s convening power and acknowledges its solutions. He mentioned initiatives such as the One Sun-One World-One Grid Initiative and the International Year of Millets, which have garnered global recognition and support.

The G20 Summit witnessed member nations agreeing to bolster investments in disaster and climate-resilient infrastructure with the aim of safeguarding communities, enhancing economic stability, and facilitating rapid post-disaster recovery.

He further highlighted the significance of the University Connect program, which marked the beginning of India’s G20 Presidency. He expressed India’s collective aspiration to become a more prosperous nation for future generations.

Addressing the youth, faculty members, and Vice Chancellors of participating universities, the External Affairs Minister emphasized that India’s transformational changes are being closely observed by both developing and developed nations. He urged the youth to carry this progress forward as India strives to become a developed nation.

He concluded by celebrating India’s G20 chairmanship, highlighting its nationwide impact with over 220 events held in more than 60 cities across all states and Union Territories. Over 30,000 delegates from 125 countries bore witness to India’s readiness for the world.

EAM S Jaishankar delivered his address in a virtual format while attending the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York. The G20 Summit took place on September 9-10 at the Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre in New Delhi, where India successfully orchestrated various diplomatic achievements.

The G20 University Connect Finale drew around 3,000 attendees at the event venue, including students, faculty members, and Vice Chancellors from participating universities. Additionally, students from across the country joined the event virtually.

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