Sunday, December 10, 2023

India, Israel working together to combat terrorism: Israeli envoy

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India and Israel will work together to counter terrorism, said the Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gilon.

While speaking to a news agency, Gilon said, “I will reaffirm that India and Israel are suffering a lot from terrorism and are also cooperating together whenever we can, to combat terrorism.”

Gilon emphasized the significance of regional alliances, particularly the India, Israel, US, and UAE (I2U2) bloc that had its inaugural virtual summit in July 2022.

Following the Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE, I2U2 was first established in October 2021 to address issues relating to marine security, infrastructure, and transport in the region.

The Abraham Accords will allow India to strengthen its engagement with Israel without jeopardizing its ties with the UAE and other Arab states.

It was known as the “International Forum for Economic Cooperation” at that time. It was also referred to as the “West Asian Quad”.

The Israeli Envoy said, “I think, it’s a very important group together which brings close allies and like-minded countries – UAE, US, India, and Israel which put the interests of people ahead. I think that such more groupings – regional groupings can be a very useful element to improve in both Asia and the world by bringing new technologies, new cooperation, better economy, and new values”.

This will not only revive and re-energize the global alliance and partnership structure, but it will also bind together alliances that did not previously exist or were not fully utilized. This initiative provides an opportunity to talk about food security. These countries might collaborate on a variety of levels, including technologies, trade, environment, combating Covid-19, and even security.

In the context of these new groups, this will assist the countries in investigating security cooperation among the four countries. It will aid India in the formation of coalitions, both political and social.

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