India kickstarts Covid-19 immunization drive: 2L+ vaccinated in two days across states

18 January, 2021 | newsx bureau

On January 16, India launched the world’s largest vaccination drive with the Union Health Ministry providing data of over 1.9 lakh people who had received the first shots of the vaccine. On Day 2, ...

On January 16, India launched the world’s largest vaccination drive. By the evening, the Union Health Ministry provided data of over 1.9 lakh people who had received the first shots of the vaccine. The first day of Covid-19 vaccination in India saw 1,91,181 people take the shot, as compared to a target of inoculating three lakh people, as said by the government. The reason for the shortfall in the total number of people vaccinated was because, receiving the vaccination is completely voluntary.

On Day 2 of the inoculation drive, the Union Health Ministry reported that, a total of 17,072 beneficiaries received the Covid-19 vaccination in 553 sessions, over six states. With this, the total number of people who have gotten inoculated so far has reached 2,24,301. The Health Ministry said that the drop in the number of states carrying out vaccination today was part of a “usual strategy” to avoid clashes with immunization schedules for other illnesses.

Among the beneficiaries, 447 people are reportedly suffering from AEFI (adverse event following immunization) on both days. However, only three of the cases required hospitalization. Two of these three have been discharged after treatment, while the third was under observation at the AIIMS in Rishikesh. As defined by WHO, AEFI is any untoward medical occurrence which follows immunization and does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the usage of the vaccine.

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Serum Institute of India produced Covishield was supplied to all States/UTs, whereas Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin was supplied to 12 States. On the first day, a total of 3,351 sessions were held across the country with both the vaccines, and 16,755 vaccinators were involved in organizing COVID-19 vaccination sessions. Covishield and Covaxin were given to doctors, nurses, other health staff directly linked to fighting the pandemic.

The Centre decided which Covid-19 vaccine went where, people cannot choose which of the two vaccines they want. When launching the drive on Saturday, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi asked the citizens to not fall for propaganda or pay any heed to the rumors amid the Covaxin controversy, which was granted authorization while it was still in the clinical trial phase.

The state-wise data from Day 1 of the vaccination drive is as follows:

Total Target: 3 lakh   Achieved: 1.91 lakh

Maharashtra – Target: 28,000 Achieved: 18,328

Gujarat – Target: 16,000 Achieved: 10,500

Delhi – Target: 8,100 Achieved: 4,319

Uttar Pradesh – Target: 31,700 Achieved: 21,291

Bihar – Target: 30,000 Achieved: 18,169

West Bengal – Target: 1,800 Achieved: 9,730

Tamil Nadu – Target: 16,600 Achieved: 2,945

Assam – Target: 6,499 Achieved: 3,528

Rajasthan – Target: 16,700 Achieved: 9,279

Karnataka – Target: 24,300 Achieved: 13,594

Telangana – Target: 13,900 Achieved: 4,200

Andhra Pradesh – Target: 33,200 Achieved: 18,412

Kerala – Target: 13,330 Achieved: 8,062

Madhya Pradesh – Target: 15,000 Achieved: 9,219

Punjab – Target: 5,900 Achieved: 1,319

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