India to use aerial spray for locusts as Pak skips crucial meeting

19 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

Locust Menace National

Minister of State, Kailash Choudhary, informed that a spraying machine is awaited from the UK, but helicopters will be employed in the drive against the locust menace in Rajasthan, for now.

As Pakistan skipped the meeting with India called to tackle locust attacks and issuance of warning against more such attacks from Food and Agricultural Organisation, New Delhi seems to have moved a step closer to gain control over the situation at least on the border.

While spraying machine is awaited from the United Kingdom, India has manufactured and assembled one that can be fitted in the helicopter for spray of pesticides and insecticides to kill locusts.

Kailash Choudhary, Minister of State (MoS) for Agriculture informed that with five to seven days, bordering state Rajasthan would see effective spraying of insecticides through helicopter which will remain located on the border.

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“I am glad to inform that we have developed one machine that is getting assembled alongwith helicopter which will spray the solution to kill locusts. This would give a huge relief to farmers. In addition to this, we have placed an order for a machine from UK that can be fitted with a helicopter and will arrive soon,” added the minister.

“The government has already received 20 machines to spray locusts with insecticides from the UK and 40 more are expected to come but these machines are to be used on ground and not meant for aerial spray,” Choudhary said.

The minister also urged people to heed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to use more local products.

“Vocal for local should be our focus. We need to focus on being self-reliant; Chinese stabbed us in the back. The whole world is against China and China would repent doing this cowardly act,” said the minister.

On all-party meeting, the minister said that it is important and Congress too would get the answers they need.

“Rahul Gandhi should now grow up. He should stand with nation and not give other nations a reason to point fingers on us. Rahul gave Pakistan a reason to question India on surgical strikes when he questioned the action,” Choudhary said while commenting on remarks made by Congress leader against the Prime Minister.

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