Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Indian American Man Succumbs to Fatal Attack Following Car Accident in New York

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An Indian American resident named Jasmer Singh, residing in Queens, New York, tragically lost his life in the aftermath of an assault that occurred immediately following a car accident, according to the information provided by the police, as reported by international media.

The accident occurred on Thursday while Jasmer was driving his wife home from a doctor’s appointment in preparation for an upcoming trip to India this week. On the Van Wyck Expressway, Jasmer’s vehicle collided with another driver, who subsequently launched a violent attack against him.

On Sunday night, Jasmer’s family spoke with the media, urging that hate crime charges be filed against the suspect. Jasmer’s son, Multani, described his father, stating, “He was an educated, noble, and unassuming individual.”

Jasmer Singh, aged 68, had immigrated to the United States from India with the intention of providing for his family. Multani remarked, “He had a distinguished appearance, with his turban and all.”

Multani further added, “My father sustained severe injuries, including a fractured skull and the loss of two front teeth.” Unfortunately, Jasmer succumbed to his injuries after the assault, leaving his family deeply traumatized.

Law enforcement officials have apprehended the driver of the car and have levied several charges against him, including manslaughter and assault, although they have not categorized it as a hate crime.

Multani firmly believes that the brutality his father endured was primarily due to his identity as a turbaned Sikh and insists that his death should be treated as a hate crime, as per a report.

He expressed, “The assailant specifically targeted my father due to his appearance, including his turban. There was no justifiable reason for such extreme violence. It is apparent that my father was singled out, making this a potential hate crime.”

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City commented, “Jasmer Singh cherished his city and deserved a fate far more compassionate than this tragic end. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I want our Sikh community to understand that they have not only our condolences but also our solemn commitment to repudiate the hatred that claimed this innocent life, and we will safeguard you.”

Multani implored, “Please take into consideration the safety of the Sikh community so that no one else experiences the loss of a father, brother, or son as I have.”

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