Sunday, December 3, 2023

Indian Americans Gather at Waterfronts in the US to Commemorate Chhath

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Over the weekend, a multitude of individuals with Indian heritage residing in New Jersey and New York gathered at waterfronts across the United States to joyously observe the significant Chhath festival. The festivities spanned both Saturday and Sunday, with a noteworthy congregation at Papaianni Park in Edison, New Jersey, where participants adorned the park with vibrant flower decorations. Women, dressed in traditional Indian attire, engaged in the customary rituals associated with Chhath Pooja.

Chhath Pooja is a sun-centric festival where devotees express their reverence by making offerings to the setting and rising sun. On Monday morning, fasting devotees concluded their observance by presenting offerings to the rising sun and breaking their fast.

Simultaneously, in Kathmandu, devotees gathered at nearby holy water bodies on Sunday evening to offer Arghya to Lord Sun. As they braced themselves for an entire night of vigil, marking the third day of the rigorous Chhath fasting, devotees prayed for the longevity and well-being of their family members. Additionally, their supplications extended to the realization of their aspirations and endeavors.

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