India’s bright future: Meet India’s young change makers

22 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

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These bright youngsters are leading the path at a very young age. They are the change makers and are inspiring many youngsters who want to bring a change in the society.

Students are the future of our country and we at NewsX spoke to some bright youngsters who are leading the path at a very young age, they are the change makers who are inspiring many youngsters who want to make a change in our society.

Starting with Vivhan Rekhi, a student of The British School, New Delhi, where he serves as the Community Service Representative, and works directly with the School Director and Board to plan, initiate, and lead school-wide outreach initiatives. At the age of 16, he founded Rescuing Wisdom, a social service initiative that advocates for elderly responsibility through philanthropy. In this role, he has facilitated multiple partnerships to benefit local old age homes, raised over Rs. 13 lakh to support their operations, and continues to fund the organisation’s work through the sale of his book, “The Knife’s Edge”. For his work with Rescuing Wisdom, Vivhan has received multiple national and international awards.

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Another bright youngster is Rajveer Singh. 16 years old is currently studying at Oberoi International School. He says that he haa a keen interest in Economics and Business Studies. Singh, who used to study in Doon School says that “Being a student at a boarding school in Dehradun, I have been able to derive the best of opportunities provided to me and of these, community service has been closest to my heart. I look forward to volunteering my time towards causes benefitting the less privileged in the future as well as being sensitive towards the needs of my peers and family. I would like to commit my time to wider community initiatives whilst in school, as well as the langar sewa service which I have enjoyed doing in the gurudwara since my childhood years. One of my biggest accomplishments in the field of community service whilst at the Doon School are, working with The Angelique Foundation to raise funds for, and complete a library for a school where unprivileged students can study free of cost. We were successful in creating a library in September 2018 through the funds and resources they provided. The Library is complete with carpeting, furniture, book racks wall posters and a tailor made booklist of over 600 books for each, to meet the reading abilities of the children.“

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Another youngest we spoke to is Aviraj Singh Machre, who is 19 years old and is currently studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, from where he is pursuing a masters in arts that focus on business management and economics. Reminiscing his days as a Doon school student and the social work he did, Machre says “As a member of the school’s economics society I set up a model on smart cities that focused on innovative and efficient methods to produce electricity and supply of water. I found this particularly useful when I volunteered with the Adarsh Buniyadi Primary Municipal School in Sanjan, Gujarat to set up a water filtration system for the students. I presented a business plan to the minister of state, forest and tribal welfare in Gujarat, so as to successfully implement my idea. This greatly reduced costs incurred to transport clean drinking water daily from the neighbouring villages. The money saved was used to fund the education of students whose families could not afford to send them to school. One of the primary reasons my grandfather set up a factory there was to generate employment for the villagers and help the people of the village. Since my childhood, my grandfather has always taught me that social service is very important and that it is very important to give back of the society”

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Last but not the least Ms Sasha Singh, a student of class 12 at the Shri ram school Moulsari Gurgaon says that her compassion towards the underprivileged started from her regular visits to her ancestral village Tohana. Her empathy towards the people of Tohana steered her to hold a coronavirus awareness and screening camp at the local civil hospital in the memory of her grandfather. During Sasha’s previous visit to Tohana she noticed that the Civil hospital was lacking basic Covid related consumables, medical and personal protection equipment.Sasha has raised funds from her community to supply critical healthcare equipment like multi Parameters and other equipment which the hospital required during this pandemic. The camp was held at the civil hospital in Tohana on the 3 rd of July 2020 . Not only that, she also gives free riding lessons to the underprivileged children so they can get employment at race-courses as jockeys and riding boys and also during lockdown she helped raising funds in an initiative called feed the needy where they distributed over one lakh, thirty thousand meals.

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