India’s Chinook helicopters still operational, Boeing questioned about US grounding: Report

31 August, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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Chinook helicopters built by Boeing are used in India, the United Kingdom, and nearly 20 other countries.

india’s chinook helicopter: Despite the US Army grounding its entire fleet of H-47 Chinook helicopters due to engine fires, the Indian Air Force is continuing with routine operations. According to sources, the Indian Air Force has requested information from Boeing, the American defence manufacturer, about the reasons for the grounding of the US Army’s fleet of Chinook helicopters.

The IAF operates a fleet of 15 Boeing-built Chinook helicopters, which entered service in March 2019. The multi-role vertical lift platform transports men and material and is also used in humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

“The Indian Air Force’s Chinook helicopter fleet is still in service. India has requested information on the circumstances that led to the grounding of the entire fleet of US Army Chinook CH-47 helicopters due to a risk of engine fires “According to ANI, government officials.

According to AFP, the US Army grounded its fleet of H-47 Chinook helicopters after several experienced engine fires. The relocation will result in the deactivation of 400 heavy-duty Chinook helicopters.

“The Army has identified the root cause of fuel leaks that resulted in a small number of engine fires among a small number of H-47 helicopters and is implementing corrective measures to resolve this issue,” Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said.

“While there were no fatalities or injuries, the Army temporarily grounded the H-47 fleet out of caution until those corrective actions were completed,” she said in a statement.

Chinook helicopters built by Boeing are used in India, the United Kingdom, and nearly 20 other countries. The Indian fleet of Chinook helicopters is based in Chandigarh for operations in the north, with another unit in Assam for operations in the northeast.

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