Sunday, December 10, 2023

India’s Omicron tally climbs to 422, most in Maharashtra, followed by Delhi

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In India, there have been 422 cases of the fast-spreading Omicron strain, with Maharashtra reporting the highest infections. From January 10, India has declared “precaution dosages” for front-line employees and those over the age of 60. There are 108 instances of the new variation in Maharashtra, which also has the most coronavirus infections. According to the Health Ministry, 42 persons have recovered in the state thus far. Delhi, the capital of the western state, comes in second with 79 occurrences (of which 23 have recovered). There have been 43 instances in Gujarat, with ten patients recovering so far.

Telangana has reported 41 cases of the new type (with 10 recovered patients), while Kerala and Tamil Nadu have reported 38 (one recovered patient) and 34 (one recovered patient) cases, respectively. According to statistics given this morning by the Health Ministry, Karnataka has 31 cases and 15 individuals have recovered from the new strain.
So far, West Bengal has six cases, while Haryana, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh each have four. Jammu and Kashmir (3 instances), Uttar Pradesh (2 cases), and Ladakh are among the other states where the Omicron strain has been detected (one case). Chandigarh and Ladakh, both union territories, have recorded one occurrence each.

Since it was initially detected in late November, 130 individuals have recovered across the nation from the new virus.
India added 6,987 cases this morning, bringing the total to 3,47,86,802. Active cases make for 0.22 percent of all cases, the lowest level since March 2020.

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