India’s population overtakes China, becomes world’s most populous nation: UN

19 April, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastav

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India currently has 1428.6 million inhabitants, compared to China's 1425.7 million, according to the UN's world population dashboard.

India has officially become the most populous country in the world, as per the fresh data released by United Nations after India’s population crossed the Chinese population.

India currently has 1428.6 million inhabitants, compared to China’s 1425.7 million, according to the UN’s world population dashboard. Since the UN started compiling population statistics in 1950, India has never come in first place on the list of most populous nations.

China’s population decreased first time since 1960 giving India’s population a lead

The previous year, Beijing relaxed its rigorous “one-child policy,” which was put in place in the 1980s out of concern over overpopulation, in 2016 and will start allowing couples to have three children in 2021. China’s population is ageing and its fertility rates are falling, which will cause a demographic collapse. This drop in Chinese population has increased the gap between India’s population in comparison to China’s population. With an estimated 340 million people, the United States occupies the third spot.

India’s once-every-ten-year census, which was supposed to take place in 2021, was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to UN estimates, the world’s population is projected to reach 8.045 billion by mid-2023.