Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Indigenous INS Arihant Successfully Fires Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile

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In the Bay of Bengal on Friday, the Indian nuclear submarine INS Arihant successfully launched a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) and struck its target with excellent precision.

The missile’s impact on the target location in the Bay of Bengal was made with a high degree of precision after being tested to a preset range. The weapon system’s “all operational and technological characteristics have been checked,” according to the ministry.

The INS Arihant’s successful SLBM user training launch is vital to demonstrate crew proficiency and verify the SSBN programme, a crucial component of India’s nuclear deterrence capacity.

It is consistent with India’s objective to have “Credible Minimum Deterrence” that supports its “No First Use” pledge to have a strong, resilient, and guaranteed retaliation capacity.

On July 26, 2009, Manmohan Singh, who was the prime minister at the time, unveiled the INS Arihant. The submarine’s nuclear reactor was turned on in August 2013.

For a nation like India, which adheres to a “no first strike policy” on the use of nuclear weapons, strategic attack nuclear submarines (SSBNs) are regarded as the most reliable platform.

The INS Chakra nuclear submarines, which India has leased from Russia on various occasions, would be joined by four further SSBNs and six nuclear-powered SSNs as part of its decision to expand its nuclear submarine fleet.

The Chinese Navy’s increasing number of nuclear submarines in the Indian Ocean region would be primarily countered by the submarines.

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