Wednesday, December 6, 2023

INS Mormugao, Navy’s latest stealth guided missile destroyer hits ‘bulls eye’ with Brahmos

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India test-fired a Brahmos Supersonic cruise missile from INS Mormugao, its latest frontline guided missile destroyer on Sunday.

Most importantly, this was the first missile launch for the destroyer, and it struck the target with high accuracy. The Indian Navy pronounced the test as a shining example of ‘Aatmnirbharta’ and India’s rising firepower at sea.

“INS Mormugao, the latest guided-missile Destroyer, successfully hit ‘Bulls Eye’ during her maiden Brahmos Supersonic cruise missile firing. The ship and her potent weapon, both indigenous, mark another shining symbol of Aatmanirbharta and Indian Navy’s firepower at sea,” the Indian Navy stated.

INS Mormugao, which was named after the famous port city of Goa on the West Coast, had her first sea voyage on December 19, 2021, the same day Goa commemorated 60 years of independence from Portuguese domination.

INS Mormugao is a state-of-the-art Guided Missile Destroyer

With a displacement of 7400 tonnes and dimensions of 163 meters long by 17 meters wide, the beautiful ship is one of the most powerful warships ever built in India. The ship is propelled by four massive gas turbines that work together as a combined gas and gas (COGAG) system to reach speeds of more than 30 knots. The ship has improved stealth features that cause its Radar Cross Section (RCS) to be smaller.

Surface to Surface Missiles and Surface to Air Missiles are only a couple of the powerful, “state of the art,” weaponry and sensors Mormugao is equipped with. The ship is equipped with a cutting-edge surveillance radar that feeds target information to the ship’s gunnery fire systems.

INS Mormugao is equipped with Surface to Surface Missiles and Surface to Air Missiles, among other cutting-edge weapons and sensors. Modern surveillance radar installed on the ship feeds target information to the ship’s gunnery fire systems.

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