Thursday, November 30, 2023

Insights from PM Modi’s Covid-19 spike discussion with CMs

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with chief ministers on Wednesday (April 27) to discuss the rising number of coronavirus cases in the country. The following are the points the PM made to the stated during the meeting he convened.

‘Children are returning to school; all of them must be vaccinated as soon as possible.’

During the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed that the focus in the next phase of the pandemic should be to vaccinate all eligible children, and that states should be directed to launch specific vaccination efforts, especially as children return to school after a long break.

‘Bring the case under control while allowing economic activity to continue.’

The twin strategy of keeping the cases under control while simultaneously enabling the economy to continue should remain the emphasis, according to Modi. “We have seen almost three lakh daily cases during the third wave.” Every state handled these situations admirably. They also allowed for the continuation of commercial and social activity. The future approach should have this balance. Our scientists and professionals keep a close eye on the situation throughout the world. We must take a proactive, proactive, and unified approach based on their advise,” Modi added.

‘Bring the case under control while allowing economic activity to continue.’

The double goal of bringing the cases under control while also allowing the economy to co’100% RT PCR testing of influenza-like disease to follow the emerging strains’ was stressed by Modi.

Modi particularly instructed the states to do 100 percent RT PCR testing of all hospitalised patients with influenza-like disease and severe acute respiratory illness in order to track variations early.

‘Ensure that all PSA oxygen plants, including hospital beds, are operational.’

In terms of medical infrastructure, Modi has instructed states to ensure that all PSA oxygen plants, as well as hospital beds, are completely operational.

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